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2012 in Pictures

January 2, 2013

Well its that time again! Time to review the year in pictures.



We started the year off in Oklahoma.  I was getting insanely pregnant which was fun and packing up our house into boxes and sticking it in the garage.  Evie was practicing her rock star poses.


The weather was nice enough to enjoy the outdoors. I miss our back yard.



February brought Evie’s glasses prescription. Which we still can’t figure out how to get her to wear.


And a new baby brother.  Born at home, the house we were about to leave forever. You can read his birth story here.



St. Patty’s


The wisteria bloomed early so I got to enjoy it one last time.


We started saying a lot of good byes.


IMG_1361And we arrived in Atlanta. Rett kept asking to ‘go home’ which broke my heart and when we started getting all of his things out of boxes, I think he realized this was more than a regular visit.

IMG_1587We celebrated Easter at the mountain house.


Jen came to visit. So excited to be living in the same state as her! Sebastian and Rett had so much fun together.



We welcomed warmer weather and looked forward to summer.


We tried to recreate some of our Oklahoma memories here in Georgia. Took the kids strawberry picking. It was so insanely hot, it took longer to drive there than we actually stayed.


IMG_3314Someone turned 2.


We got the call that Rett received his scholarship and headed to the beach!


We stayed at the beach for two weeks!



Rett started ABA. It was really hard at the beginning with lots of crying and throwing fits.  He was always excited to start therapy but the two hours were long for all of us as he adjusted.


We took a really fun mini-vacation to the mountain house. We hiked, roasted smores, went to the fish hatchery, hiked some more and visited with our cousins Rivers and Ellie. The weather was perfect and we all had a blast.



We did once a month cooking for the first time.  We have changed how we do things a few times and are settling in on a good system for our family. It saves us a lot of time and stress. I love it!


On August sixth, Evie received her autism diagnosis through a sibling studies Evie and Thad are taking part in.  It wasn’t as hard as the first diagnosis but I’m definitely still dealing with this new reality. You can read more about Evie’s diagnosis here.



In September, Thad, Rett and I went to Chicago to meet some of my online mommy friends. We belonged to a pregnancy board together and have seen each other through a lot.  It was so fun meeting and hanging out with a few of them.  We stayed with one of the gals and Rett and CQ really hit it off.  You can read more about our trip here.


Thaddeus delighted us all just being his cute little baby self. Seven months full of giggles and smiles and happy chubby baby oblivious to all the life changes going on in his family.


We found a fair and enjoyed a fall day. Trying to capture more of what fall was like at home.



It started getting cold.. kind of.

IMG_9431We took the kids trick or treating for the first time ever. They had always been too little to stay up to the correct time. It was so fun to see them out in the thick of the Halloween chaos.  Evie did really well running to knock and get some candy.  They love Halloween so much they are both still talking about it.



IMG_0482Thanksgiving at Millwood

IMG_0448Spending time with family.



My year really starts on December 1st.  That’s how I always think about years. Because its Rett’s birthday.  My scrapbooks don’t go in years but actually start from Rett’s birthday and continue on.  You can read more about his birthday here.


We got ready for Christmas!

IMG_0847My little dear’s first Christmas!

IMG_1135Christmas was fun!

This year was really hard for a lot of reasons.  I’m hoping that 2013 is easier on us.  In the midst of it all, 3 beautiful children shared a lot of giggles, laughs and memories.  Happy new year!

You can view my 2011 in photos here.

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  1. Kathy Oliver permalink
    January 3, 2013 1:48 pm

    Happy New Year -May you be blessed in 2013. May it bring health, happiness and prosperity to you and your family. I loved these pictures !

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