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The Good for January

January 30, 2013

This is Rett putting on his socks all by himself.  Which followed by shoes.  How many times have I put on my own socks and shoes without thinking about it. How many times did I watch other children put their shoes on? Take their socks on and off? I never thought about it at all.  Until now.   There were tears and frustration. Begging and pleading for help.  Careful teaching and determined eyes watching, soaking in the little steps it takes to put a long slender piece of clothing over 5 wiggly toes and a fat foot.  And there was patience of watching him and waiting for him to practice, to process, to do.  He worked hard for that sock.  And after he had his feet all dressed, he smiled his huge take-over-his-face smile where his eyes light up and said I did it all by myself! And then ran to tell Daddy because good news requires sharing.  And no one can share some good news like our Rett.

And now its my turn.  One of my resolutions/goals/whatever this year is to do some good each month. And share it. Because I have been so inspired by all the good my friends do and share that I can see the value in sharing.

I am just one, very busy, over stressed, exhausted mommy.  And this is what I did this month. This was the Good that our family set out in the world.

We gave $100 to Riley’s medical fund.  Riley is Evie’s age. She loves giraffes and dressing up in crazy fashionista outfits and driving her Minnie Jeep around.  She has gorgeous hair and huge blue eyes with thick eye lashes.  She has chubby cheeks and an adorable grin.  She has leukemia.   The hospital gave them an amount to pay off by Dec. 31st and they would forgive their debt.  The entire 7,000 and change was raised in 24 hours.  I saw all the good.   Then the insurance ended up covering the funds, so we all got our money back!

I took the $100 that I got back from Riley and sent it on to my friend Cori, who is walking in the Susan B. walk.  She has to raise a certain amount of money to walk.  When you see somebody wanting to do something good, you should support them.  Especially when it is a very big thing.

I created some tags for my friend Shelby to put on heart suckers.  She is selling them to raise funds for Hope 4 Tiny Hearts.  She’s doing this in celebration of her daughter Emily’s third birthday.  Emily passed away at 10 days old from an undiagnosed congenital heart defect.  They found it during her second day here on Earth.  Although Emily was only here for a blink of time,  her mama works hard to spread awareness so that other babies can be saved.  If you would like to order lollipops, they are $1 each with a flat rate of $5 for shipping, please send funds to   Hand them out to all your pregnant friends, you could save a life.

I saw a lady at Target with a little girl and after she’d put all her things in her car, I offered to put her cart away so she didn’t have to keep her baby out in the cold or leave her alone in the car.

Yesterday I paid for the car behind me at Chick Fil A.  I wonder how long the good feeling will last for them? Will they pay it forward?

I sent Evie’s comforter set to a mommy in need in Ohio.  I hope she enjoys it as much as I did.

The thing about doing good is its not a completely selfless act.   Doing good makes you feel good! It makes you a happier person.  I hope everyone can find a little bit of good to do in February.  I’ll be back to report on our month!

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  1. carley permalink
    January 30, 2013 8:53 pm

    Congrats Rett! Love the good deeds. We used to love paying for th e car behind us tolls but they took the manual stations out made automatic. You’ve given me drive to find something new to do. Ive takrn a few shopping trolleys back for people and will keep that up too!

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