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February 17, 2013

At least one is excited

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Yesterday the kids started gymnastics at the Y.  Neither one of them really knew what they were in for but at least Rett pretended to be excited.  Evie looks like a 1980’s rock star to me. I love it.


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Evie’s class was first.  She is attending a parent assisted class. There were lots of excited little girls and boys and mommies.  Evie was totally in her element. HUGE smile on her face, she was trying to socialize with the other little girls her age, she was so excited to start using the equipment.   There are two ladies that team teach our class so we do two different activities and sort of just go back and forth however many times the 15 minutes allows.

The first two were the obstacle course and trampoline.  Evie had to crawl up and over things, through tunnels and then at the end learn how to tuck and roll.  By the third time she was already trying to tuck her head. Such a big girl! The trampoline didn’t go as well. She JUST started jumping and trying to jump forward requires some skills she doesn’t really have. She mostly skipped or ran down the entire thing.

Next we did the balance beam and the vault.  When we got Evie on the balance beam it was like she had done it a hundred times.  I really think she could have done it alone but she wouldn’t put her arms out.  The lady said next week she’ll work on kicking and then putting her feet down since she is doing so well!  The vault was a little more iffy. She definitely got an A for enthusiasm.  She’d RUN down to the vault but you are supposed to jump on it and sort of launch yourself onto the mat.  Not much of that going on.

Tom and I were so proud of Evie.  She had a huge smile on her face the entire time, you could tell she really enjoyed herself and she seemed really good at it!  She didn’t cry or anything when it was time to go which surprised me.  I’m excited to watch her progress and see how interested she is in this for the long run.


I had to just put a random cute picture of Rett because since it was NOT  a parent assisted class we sort of got kicked out and had to watch from the hallway.

Rett’s class did not go as well.  First they had to run laps.  I had to go with Rett. He kept staring at the basketballs, the things on the wall, the men playing basketball.  I honestly don’t think he would have ever made it around.  Then they went and sat down on the mat and followed some whole group instructions. I thought he did pretty well with that.  When they broke them up by age/skill levels, it went downhill pretty fast.  Rett couldn’t listen to the instructor giving them instructions and know what he was expected to do.  He wandered around a lot and the teacher kept having to go get him.  He wasn’t able to do what they asked a lot of the time.  It was pretty heart breaking to watch him constantly doing the wrong thing because he couldn’t look at the kid in front of him and see that he really needed to go sit and wait on the mat. I think if I had done the class with him two or three times just to get the routine down it would have worked. But they made it pretty apparent they didn’t want parents in the class so instead I switched him to the parent assisted class with Evie.  Rett did cry after he was done and didn’t want to leave so apparently he enjoyed himself.

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