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Evie’s Glasses

February 24, 2013

Eye doctor again

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Sorry she doesn’t look very excited, but this is a good update!

Evie had her 1 month visit with Dr. Berland on Wednesday to check how she was doing and if her glasses were working.  They tested her vision both near and far through the normal parts of her glasses and her bifocals.  Her vision is good both far without bifocals and near with bifocals but apparently the bifocals are not really high enough and if she looks near and over the bifocals, she still has some crossing.  She is using the bifocals too and since we are still getting into the wearing our glasses habit, they didn’t want to chance having the lenses sent off for readjustment so we are going to wait 5 months and come back in.

Evie did very well with all the testing.  She loves the light up clown and owl they have to test far away vision and she got to match pictures to test how small she could see so that was very fun for her.  They also have little animals that move around to test her up close vision and of course she remembered all of those and started asking for them as soon as we got there.  The office is very child friendly, they even have mini movie theaters in all the waiting rooms for the children and a play area.

Evie is happily wearing her glasses after having the magic eye drops for 3 days at the  very beginning.  We used to have issues with her ripping them off if she got anything on them but once I caught her taking a bath with them on and last night I asked Tom if he had put them on her when she got out of the bath, he said no she put them on herself.  So she is definitely figuring out that glasses = a good thing.   The glasses we purchased have a one year warranty and she did immediately chew off all the rubber coating from the ear pieces.  I thought about having it replaced but she honestly acts much happier now that it isn’t there to tempt her and seems to be comfortable enough with the rubber pieces there so we are leaving them for now.  We might get them replaced in six months and see if she is mature enough to leave it alone.  She still has major oral sensory seeking habits.  I think maybe worse than Rett as he seemed to grow out of his by her age.

The doctor said children typically grow out of needing bifocals by age 10 and out of the need to wear them at age 12 but I’m hoping it might possibly be faster than that.  We also found out that we can use our flex spending account to get reimbursed for Evie’s glasses so all in all, great news regarding her eye appointment!

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