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An update x 3

March 10, 2013



We are all SUPER ready for spring around here! It hit almost in the 70’s today and I think we are all breathing a sigh of relief.  Tension is high today as both of our mom’s are coming into town and we are cleaning, preparing and attempting to wrap our head around what the new reality looks like.   I can now tell everyone, Tom got a new job!  Its a terrific pay raise but it means he has to go into work for a few months to train until he can work remotely again.  I’m hoping he is working remotely by May because that’s the next time I’m going home to Oklahoma.   After 5 years working at his current company, I think he was ready for a change and I’m hoping an insurance change might benefit us also 🙂



Thad is officially walking!  He still prefers to crawl but if he’s in the standing position he’ll take a few steps before plopping down.  He can take 9 or 10 steps so far. I’m sure in a month we’ll be chasing him everywhere.  He has really started to attempt to approximate words.  This weekend he said ‘stop’ and ‘Evie’.   His favorite games are ‘uh oh’ and ‘thank you’, dropping stuff and giving you something over and over.   He and Evie have really bonded and she likes to take care of him.  She’s actually pretty good at fetching toys and giving him hugs and kisses to stop him from crying if he gets hurt.  He’s pretty much the best baby ever, always smiling and cheerful.  He’s picked up cold #23434546  so its a snot fest again.  All of my kids seem to have constant runny noses the first year.  But I guess if that’s the worst thing he gets, we’ll call it good.




Evie is about to turn 3.  I can’t believe it.  In the past few weeks she has really matured. Well as mature as a 2 year old can get.  She is acting a lot more like a 3 year old and a lot less like a toddler.  She is taking gymnastics lessons and really has found something she shines at.  She goes in and gives it 150% the entire time.  She loves all the activities and really works hard.  She can gallop now, after being so late jumping she decided to move on to harder gross motor things early.  Imagine that.  She can do a forward flip all by herself, although she sort of goes side ways right now.  I still think its impressive.  Her favorite thing is to argue.  ‘Look, mama, I made a peacock’.  ‘Evie that’s a turkey’ ‘No, its a peacock’ ‘Ok its a peacock’ ‘No, its a TURKEY!’  mmmmmk.  That is about 50 thousand times a day.   Her verbal skills are pretty amazing.  She can now tell you how old she is, right in time for the answer to change right?  We’ve been working on verb cards and she has picked up on a lot of them and uses them in everyday speech now. She also likes to quiz me ‘what is he doing?’.    Evie has been really into her puzzles. She sort of took a break from that interest but last weekend Tom pulled out a 63 piece puzzle and she did the entire thing. It took her about an hour.  Now she is doing 6-10 puzzles a day again.  Or more.  I swear sometimes she does every puzzle we own.   She also enjoys coloring and writing and reading her books.  She tells us we’re her best friend and she loves us so much!  Definitely my big girl.

The kids started adaptive swim at the Y on Friday.  Evie was very excited about the idea but spent most of the hour crying. They has assigned her to a male teacher (which sort of weirded me out anyway) but he was not experienced enough to handle her so she got switched to a woman teacher.  I felt a lot more comfortable with that.  Sorry all you male swim teachers out there, I just have issues.  She did this same thing with us last year before warming up to the pool so I’m hoping next Friday she will be better. I’d really like to get in the pool with them some time this week but I can’t see doing that alone with both and Rett will most likely throw a fit if I put him in childcare and take her.




Rett, Rett, Rett.  I’m not sure if its the vitamin B drops or the age or what but Rett I feel has been sliding backward.  He is having meltdowns for the first time.  We went to the park to do these pictures and to him park means slide time.  We tried to explain to him that this park didn’t have a slide.   Screaming/crying ensued.  This happens a lot.  At home, I’m just putting him straight to bed to calm down.  He’s been having a lot more difficulty with transitions like when its time to stop playing iPAD and go down for meals, etc.  I know 4 is a hard age but it really seems like all the things Dr. Kellie told me about how a lot of sensory and behavioral issues don’t come up until closer to school age is coming true.   Hand flapping used to be a ‘hardly ever’ occurrence. Now it seems like I’m saying ‘hands down’ all the time.  Noise making is constant, jumping around/crashing, falling down on purpose, constant.   He is moving forward with his ABA and doing a lot of great work learning new things and using his skills but behaviorally we have a ways to go.   Its just such a huge difference.

Rett has also been enjoying gymnastics.  Originally we put him a class with his age group but he wasn’t able to follow whole group instructions and spent a lot of the time doing the wrong things, going the wrong way or just not completing the activity appropriately.  We decided that putting him in Evie’s class where Tom would assist him for the 6 weeks would be beneficial to just introduce him to the different activities and get him used to a new routine.  He has started walking some of the balance beam alone and really enjoys his time at gymnastics.  He had a pretty good time in swim but was freezing (of course).  He asked to go potty half way through and then told me he wanted to go home.  So we’ll see how he does next time.  The teacher didn’t seem to really push/teach him like we are used to at swim school but hopefully she’ll warm up to him and start making progress.

Miss Amanda had her baby around Thad’s birthday so we’ve been on a speech hiatus but will start back after my mom goes home.  Rett will go to twice a week speech with Miss Amanda.  I’m busy getting stuff together to retry for the deeming waiver.  I need to go pick up their medical records and do some more form filling out. Then its just wait for the social security denial letter to add in and I can schedule a time to sit down with the deeming waiver guru to look over my stuff.



We’re coming up on one year since we’ve moved to Atlanta.  I didn’t get all the things accomplished that I would have liked to (ie deeming waiver) but I think we have made a lot of progress in this year towards a better future for our kids.  Thad will continue the sibling study at Marcus and have his first full autism eval next February.  Evie will have her re-eval in June through Marcus Autism Center.  Moving forward on the deeming waiver and hoping to have that happening this summer or fall at the latest.   I know there will always be one more thing that I could do for them and that it will never be enough but I do think we are moving towards an amount of therapy I’m more comfortable with.

The kids have also started an online program that someone in my autism yahoo group sent out.  Its from and its an ABA based computer program.  If you e mail them a question, they will send you a 30 day free trial code 😉  Both kids are currently doing a trial and if we like it, we are going to invest in a touch screen monitor.  It seems really good although a little boring right now since its just doing pre-tests.  Anyone who has a child on the spectrum, I recommend checking it out at least for the free trial if nothing else.  After that they said its a monthly fee of about $1 a day per kid.

And now Evie’s begging to play ‘ the game’ so I better go!

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