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All About Evie

April 4, 2013



We always figured that Evie was safe from having autism because she is a girl.  Boys have such higher chances.   But I saw signs pretty early on.  Once again, we thought this could be something else.  She could be gifted.  She could just have a vision problem.  She could be hyperlexic.  She could be something else besides autistic.   You can read about Evie’s autism signs here.


I talk a lot about Evie as a baby and a young child on her autism signs page.  She was a difficult baby.  She was a precocious toddler.  She was writing and identify letters and letter sounds at an astounding young age.  And while some people would be proud and happy and excited, I knew.  Now having another one year old, the idea that she said strawberry a few days after turning one, it seems like I should have known.   I still think Evie is probably on her way to an Asperger diagnosis, but who knows.   Saying big words early on is supposed to be one of the signs.  But right now she still has a speech delay so she can’t actually qualify for Aspergers.


Evie loves animals and Barbies and Toy Story.  She loves watching Dora and saying things and counting in Spanish.  She loves to count and say her abcs.  She can identify all her upper and lower case letters, knows all her letter sounds and can identify shapes including trapezoid and octagon.  I never taught her any of that, she learned it from tv show or another.


She likes to dress up and be a princess.  She likes to sing and read books.  Lots of books.  She enjoys coloring, painting and writing.   She says a lot of funny stuff that keeps us laughing all day long.


Evie loves puzzles.  She was doing those big chunky puzzles before she was 1.  She did her first 24 piece puzzle before she turned 2 and just recently started doing 63 piece puzzles.  There isn’t a lot of trial and error, she knows exactly what piece she needs especially if she’s done the puzzle before a few times.   Some days all she wants to do is one puzzle after another and will do all 25 puzzles or so that we own.  Birthdays and Christmases and basically any holiday involving gifts usually include some puzzles.  And books. Lots of books.



Evie plays the middle child roll very well.  She and Rett absolutely adore each other and spend a large portion every day playing together.  Or at least playing next to each other.   Right now they are sitting at the little table coloring together.  And then fighting over wanting each other’s coloring book.   Evie also loves her little brother.  She’s always trying to get him to follow her around or come play with her.  She has definitely bonded a lot more with him than Rett has and if he’s crying will try to go get him something to make him cheer up.  She gives him hugs and kisses and tells him how much she loves him.  Its so sweet.


I don’t worry about Evie like I do Rett.  She does have some of the same speech and skill issues as him but she also has caught onto things that took him a long time and a lot of practice to get.  Evie can already tell you her name, her age and our names.


On the other hand where Rett wants to be in the center of the action and playing with all the other kids, Evie has a tendency if there is too much going on or too many people to want to retreat and play alone.  She definitely gets overwhelmed alot easier. We went over to a relative’s house for Easter lunch and she basically wanted me to carry her the entire time.   When I take her into MOPS, she heads straight to the puzzles every time and does a few.  Puzzles are what she wants to calm herself and they have made the perfect transition activity for her.


Currently Evie receives.. no therapy.   I am in the process of getting the waiver for her which would allow her to get twice a week speech, once a week OT and PT.   I do a lot of the activities I’ve observed from Rett’s speech therapy for things she needs to work on.   I’ve purchased some of the things that Amanda (speech therapist) uses in her office and do the same activities with Evie and Rett during the day.


If you have a girl on the spectrum and a blog, please let me know!! I’m always looking for more girl blogs to follow, we seem to be few and far between!   I really do believe its because girls present so differently and sometimes just seem a little ‘off’ and slip under the radar.



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