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What a Speech Session Looks Like

April 5, 2013



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When I taught first grade I thought speech teachers helped children with incorrect pronunciation.  Even when the speech teacher came and got my spectrum students, I thought they were working on pronunciation issues.  Most children who have a speech delay as far as what they say also have a speech delay in how they say it about the same level.  So Rett’s speech sounds like a 3 year old and he also has mispronunciations like a 3 year old.  Since they aren’t worse then his ability to speak,  we assume he will outgrow them as his speech develops.  So starting speech with my speech delayed child was an eye opener.


Amanda is our second speech therapist.  We had one in Oklahoma before we moved and since then we’ve had Amanda. So we’ve been working with her about a year.   At first she came to our home and worked with Rett in his room with things we owned and materials she brought.  Then she opened her office and now we go to her.  This is the sensory part of her office.  She is still looking for an OT.  She lets Rett come in here and play for a little bit to get his brain going.


He generally chooses jumping on the trampoline and crashing onto the pillows, climbing in the tent and going through the squeeze thing.  Today he also wanted me to teeter totter with him.  We generally spend 5 minutes in this room before going to her work room.


Amanda got one of the tight fitting vests in today so we tried that out to see if it helped him focus and calm.  It definitely worked as long as he had it on.  She said that you are only supposed to leave it on 15-20 minutes or their body sort of gets used to it and it loses its function.   They play this game a lot.  It has magnets with different animals and things and cards with scenes on them.


Rett and Amanda take turns telling each other where to place their magnets.  Each one of them has the same scene (Amanda’s is on the back of the ‘easel’ thing that holds it up and the same set of magnets.  So Rett will tell her to put the dolphin on the sand.  Then he will check to make sure she did it right.  He’s practicing pronouns (you), direction words (under,over,on, in, beside, by, between) and taking turns.


This was a fun new game.  We had 6 faces laid out and we had to draw cards and then act out that face and Rett had to guess which face we were making.  He took some turns too.


Then he looked at himself in the ipad camera and took pictures.


This was my favorite.


The last thing we worked on is our new ‘let’s talk about’ place mat I came up with for the table.  Amanda put it together for me.  It has a series of pictures with velcro on the back that attach.  Then he can choose what he wants to talk about and put it at the top.  After that she has a few sentence prompts ‘I like’ ‘Remember when’ and he says a few things about the topic he chose.  We also ask questions to get him to get the idea of more details you add when you talk about something.


This was pretty hard for him but he has only worked on it twice. I’m hoping this tones down the tv talk at the dinner table. Once Amanda feels comfortable that she’s introduced it enough, she’ll let us take it home and use while we eat.

So that is what a speech session looks like for Rett.  When he was younger it was a lot of playing with toys.  But now that he’s older its a lot of games and things that at least look age appropriate.  We don’t always play the games correctly but we work on taking turns and getting the general idea.   Rett does this twice a week. Amanda keeps track of how he does during sessions by how many times he says the skil that he’s working on spontaneously vs semi prompt (the alligator is uuuuuuh-  then he would say under) vs full prompt (say ‘the alligator is under).

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  1. April 14, 2013 11:10 pm

    Found you from my MOPS friend Jennifer Wells. My Luke has CAS (Childhood Apraxia of Speech) and has been in speech therapy since 18 months of age. Would love to connect with you and share ideas, stories, etc.

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