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Our Oklahoma Trip

June 3, 2013



It hadn’t been TOO long since I had seen my mom this time since she came to visit us once but still, I was ready to spend some more time with her.  The trip there was relatively easy. We got up at 4 and were on the road at 5:15. We only added 2 hours to our arrival time with stops and breaks.   We got in around 5 Oklahoma time and had a great visit with family.


The day after we got there was Mother’s Day so we all got back into the car and made the 2 hour trip down to my grandmother’s to see her and my aunt Pat that was in from Dallas.  This is the four generations of girls together.



Aunt Pat snugging baby Thad.




We spent some time over at my brother’s playing with his ducks and in the creek. Fun times. Then it was time for the long trek home.



My Great Aunt Pat lets us stay over at her house. She’s such a great hostess. She makes us breakfast every morning and fusses over all of us. We are all quite spoiled when we go home. Next time I think we’ll take her back with us.  The kids are still asking every other day to go to Aunt Pat’s. They don’t seem to understand that she’s a few states away.




Baby Thad had his first hair cut. ‘hey lady, can you believe how cute I am?!’



Evie had her first hair cut.  Just a trim. Her first trim ever.  She was pretty disappointed as the results weren’t all that phenomenal.  She ins sited that her hair was hurting her ears and she needed more hair cut. She got the scissors one day but we managed to wrestle them away before any damage was done. I wanted to get it cut short so that it would look thicker but the lady said it was hopeless. Her hair is just fine and wavy so its STILL growing in which is why she looks like she has permanent bangs. Maybe another 2 years.



I saw my bestie and took some pictures of her with my furry niece and nephew doggys.  We went to sushi and had fun catching up. There’s never enough time to spend together when I go.



I also took some pictures for my good friend Danielle. It was great seeing her and the kiddos! There wasn’t enough time to get the kids together to play but next time for sure! One week just isn’t long enough.




My brother drove down to spend some time with us and see my nephews’ graduation.  Most importantly to spend time sword fighting with Rett.



And of course graduation.  It was pretty strange seeing my ‘little’ nephews graduating from the same high school as I did 10 years later.



We also had a fake Easter egg hunt because how cheap is an easter egg hunt with leftover eggs? Pretty cheap.  And small children love it.  And mom missed Easter with us and these are actually better pictures than from real Easter since it was raining.


Another 12 hour drive and we were home.  Already looking forward and planning our next trip together and hopefully returning in September for my family reunion! We had a great time and miss my mom so much already.


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