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3 Years Old- How did that happen?

June 9, 2013



We had been telling Evie it was her birthday coming up. You could sense her excitement. And her confusion.  Birthdays are good. But what are birthdays anyway?  How do you explain birthdays to some one who needs explicit teaching of concepts? Let me know because I have no clue.


She woke up at 6am. I went in to take the first picture of her being a 3 year old.  I asked her how old she was.  ‘I’m TWO!’ ‘No, no its your birthday you say I’m three! How old are you?’ ‘NOT THREE I AM A GIRL. I AM TWO.’  All righty. When its your birthday you get to be whatever you want I guess.  The traditional birthday pancake was next.


She might have gotten into her presents and opened one.  We spent an hour of downtime waiting for the right time to head to the zoo and they played with her new duplo set, strawberry short cake remote control car and baby dolls while we waited.


Then it was off to the zoo!  It was exactly a year ago that we bought our zoo pass on her second birthday.  The zoo was awesome.  Not very many people and the weather was perfect.





We spent some time in the parakeet house.  Rett spent his time begging me to buy some of the sticks with food on them. Evie just got some grass and tried to trick the birds into thinking it was food.




What is it about these ‘stick your head through a hole and become an animal’ things that are so cute?



The animals were really active.  Combining early morning weather with feeding time and we got to see a lot of animals in action.



The birthday princess rode in style.  Between each exhibit. Even if it was two feet away she felt the need to get back into the stroller.




We were really in celebration mode. We rode not only the train with a really long tunnel that the kids were half afraid, half amazed by but also the carrousel.  Evie preferred to call it merry go round.  She has been talking about it ever since so I guess it was worth the $7




We went out to lunch at a new spot Tom found.  Evie wouldn’t touch her food.  Then we went and saw the movie Epic.  it was really great and the kids all loved it. A lot of firsts for Thad. First train ride, first carousel ride and first movie. You’d think it was his birthday.  After all that we came home and opened more presents.  Stella had arrived with her father from a Navy reunion in Maryland so they took us out for Mexican food at our favorite spot.  Then it was cake time.  She’d been waiting and begging for this moment all day long.  We let her blow the candle out twice.  Perhaps ‘let’ is the wrong word there.


I think back to last year and we were preparing to go in for her diagnostic appointment.  I have spent the year getting used to having two kids on the spectrum.  They have spent the year growing, playing, loving, learning and enjoying life through the innocent eyes of a child.  I feel like I could have done more for Evie this year but it didn’t happen.  I think she’s ok anyway though.  I could always do one more thing.


Evie is our willful child.  She knows what she wants and she’s determined to get it.  Her fierce determination and stubbornness both drive me insane and put me at ease.  She won’t allow anyone to take advantage or push her around.  Its just not in her to let that happen.  She can take care of herself.   I need to know that.  She reminds me often.


This year has been a blur of activity and hustle and bustle.  Evie is potty trained, riding her scooter and is looking forward to getting on her big girl bike.  How the time has flown.   Evie’s conversational skills are amazing us everyday.


Yesterday at gymnastics I got the best birthday present I could have asked for Evie.  I told the gymnastics instructor it was her birthday the day before and her new swim suit was from her Gigi.  She asked if she had a good birthday, Evie ignored. I said oh yes we went to the zoo.  Evie had to pipe in that she rode the merry go round on an elephant.  Then she asked what her favorite animal was.  You wait.  You get used to it.  The waiting is somewhere between the most exquisite torture you’ve known in your life and the shiniest ray of hope that your child might answer.  You don’t know what the appropriate wait time is between giving them an opportunity to answer and the other person getting uncomfortable.  And she said ‘I saw a panda!’, my big girl!  I’m looking forward to another year of milestones.  At the end of the day, I really don’t worry about Evie very much.  When you see her smile you can tell she’s going to go far.

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