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Fantastic!!! {Gymnastics}

June 22, 2013

Much better time in swim this week. Right before missing two weeks for vacation

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Saturdays are lesson days here at the Martin house.  Instead of sleeping in (which none of our children would do anyway) we get up and get everyone to the Y by 9 am to start the parade between lessons.   First Rett does swim and Evie does gymnastics and then they switch off.

I never get pictures of Evie because she is still in parent assisted class so instead of taking pictures.. I’m assisting.  Which basically means running after Evie, trying to keep up and doing whatever she wants to do for 35 minutes. I’m not sure how many calories I burned but I ate two brownies today to make up for it.   Evie has really excelled with gymnastics.  When Rett was little he was a swim rock star. It was so awesome to have something he shown at.  Evie has never really had that. Well besides all her knowledge stuff.  But that was a little odd.  This is just awesome.  She LOVES gymnastics and is basically at a running pace the entire time.  Her favorites are the trampoline and the mat work.  I really wish I could take photos AND assist at the same time because the big smile on her face is something to see.

This is our third parent assisted class and Evie has made gains each time.  During this session she learned to do a front flip all on her own, can now dismount with not help and stick her landing from the balance beam. She is working on dips on the balance beam.  I no longer have to hold her hands when she is walking across, but I do have to hold my hands under her elbows.  We’re working on it… its a process.   Today during her backwards walk over or whatever you really call it, she landed on her feet.   Its been fun to watch her progress and know that I was a part of teaching her.

One of the biggest blessings from being a mom is how well you know your child.  I’ve noticed every new freckle.   Even when Rett doesn’t have all the correct words, I usually know what he’s trying to say before he even gets the words out.  And each new skill Evie has gained during gymnastics, I have cheered, clapped, kissed and gave her hugs of victory.   I’m really hoping when we move we can move onto a ‘real’ gymnastics place.  Its hard to tell with mommy goggles on if its talent or not but we’re going with talent for now!

Then we go from gymnastics to swim.  Where until this week Evie has screamed. Last week this was my pep talk ‘Evie, please do not throw things into the pool, run off or cry.’  This week I did this pep talk ‘Swimming is fun!  Evie can blow bubbles, kick and do scoops.  You are going to be awesome!’ I’m not sure if it was my pep talk or if she just got used to it but NO crying today!

Rett has been doing awesome in swim.  We put him in a group swim and sometimes he does have issues following directions or going with the flow but overall he’s done great and we are really proud of him!  He’s made a lot of progress but its mostly just getting back to where he was.  I don’t watch his lessons so its hard for me to say exactly what he’s doing. However, he really isn’t enjoying gymnastics anymore and I’m thinking its time to drop it.  Its hard for him to listen to whole group instruction and wait for the other children to go. He keeps finding excuses to leave the room and today cried.  I think once we move maybe we can find a gymnastics place that offers something for special needs.  The Y has a basketball game going on one side, a TON of kids in his class and a walking track above him. Its just too overwhelming and he can’t keep his focus.  He enjoyed the parent assisted classes but hasn’t made many gains in the group class.

Our lessons are done because we are headed to the beach on Friday!!! I can’t wait to share all the photos. My mom is going to meet us on Saturday.  Should be a great time, as usual, at our favorite place on earth!

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