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Eats at the Beach

July 16, 2013


Maybe I’ll be better at taking pictures of food next beach trip. Maybe I won’t.   A cute picture of Thad will have to do for now.


Here was our beach menu this year along with commentary.  We only do sea food every other night because of how expensive it is.  It was still an expensive trip meal wise but it would have been pretty bad if we ate fish every night. Just sayin’.  2 weeks of fish is a bit much anyway.


7/1 Seafood Pasta

This was quite a way to kick off the trip. I love pioneer woman and this was one of my FAVORITE dishes and not all that difficult either. The scallops made it. I recommend buying more scallops than she has you buy because you will want to eat more. And more. And more.  The bread is also divine.
key lime tarts – secret family recipe, sorry.

7/2 chicken and bean stuffed burritos

We had these for our once a month cooking and I liked them so much I decided to re-make for the beach.  I love the rotisserie chicken short cut and these are fabulous. Mexican food seems fitting for the beach for some reason.
spanish rice

7/3 broiled shrimp   Yummy. That is all.
baked potatoes
This dessert was amazing.  Seriously.
grilled pineapple dessert

7/4 fourth of july meals

hamburgers and hot dogs
salad with grilled peaches and pecans   I wasn’t all that impressed with this salad but my peaches didn’t grill very well. I’m not sure what the issue was.

7/5 salmon skewers

These were delicious regardless of the fact that my husband was over cooking at this point.

7/6 spanish pork with citrus salad

We didn’t actually do spanish because I  bought a tenderloin that was already seasoned. Zuh.  The citrus salad didn’t turn out well but I couldn’t find the correct spice and ended up using parsley.  Do not use parsley.
spanish rice

This salad looked like a much better idea than it was. But again with the parsley. Not sure.
blueberry corn salad

7/7 Simple boiled crabs need 6

This recipe works but digging out crab meat is for the birds. Literally. Leave them for the pelicans.
steamed broccoli
corn bread


7/8 Feta-Stuffed Turkey burgers * didn’t do these
sweet potato fries

7/9 shrimp and grits Yummy!

7/10 fish tacos *didn’t do these
tropical fruit salad

This was delicious and a lot lower calories than actual cheesecake.  Tom even had me make him another one.
cheesecake parfaits

7/11 chicken enchiladas *didn’t do these
spanish rice

7/12 crab cakes blt


This was AWESOME. However if you spend that much on crab meat, skip the bacon. It overpowers the crab taste. I can have bacon anytime.  I also made the salad that went with this menu and it was really yummy. I didn’t try the dressing, I just had bottled raspberry vinaigrette.
grilled veggies  *didn’t do this

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  1. Kenna permalink
    July 16, 2013 12:29 pm

    Yum! Thanks for the recipes!

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