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Autism at the Beach – The Magic of Vacay

July 17, 2013



Rett did really well at the beach this year handling the sand and surf.  There was a few times he wanted the sand off his hands but its hard to know if it was really bothering him or if he figured out that when you go shower off, you head to the pool.  He mostly enjoys the pool.   About 30 minutes is all he could take before he started the pacing that would lead to the begging to go to the pool.



I’ve tried to explain what I mean when I use the word ‘regression’. It doesn’t mean that Rett lost all ability to speak or do certain things.  As soon as you say regression, its amazing how apparent people’s pre-conceived notions are.  So I decided I’m going to call this time ‘extremely introspective’.   Rett seems to go away. You don’t notice it at first. But tv talk takes over. He is extremely hyper, hard to focus, difficult to get his attention or get him to respond. He stops making comments about what he sees out the window. Its like he’s here.. but HE’S not here.   I really miss him during these times. It is very frustrating to me.


As SOON as we got to the beach, Rett was back.  His speech grew leaps and bounds. He was using new phrases and new concepts that he had never used before.

‘We both have popsicles!’

‘I already went potty.’

Along with a ton of other new things he was saying that I can’t keep track of.   He was very social at the pool but it was apparent that his socializing wasn’t quite ‘right’.   He is not readily accepted by many children.  He and Evie are mostly ignored.  He did play with a few little boys for a little bit. But they tried typical little boy things.  Showing off, daring him to do things. He ignored.  They lost interest.  I sighed.  Its so hard to sit there and watch the world misunderstand.  But I don’t have the answers for it.  Miss Amanda e mailed me while we were at the beach that she is starting a social skills group. But I’m confused as to what social skills a bunch of children who don’t connect to social skills cues are going to gain from each other. We’ll try it though!




I’m really hoping all the gains Rett made are here to stay.  We are all excited to go see Miss Amanda and see what she thinks about all his progress!

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  1. July 17, 2013 1:53 pm

    That is really awesome and nice to hear. Dylan just came back from his first vacation (and without me!) at Tampa for four days with family, and according to them he was talking up a storm and socializing a lot. I wish we could have a getaway once a month! 🙂

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