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Mountain Adventures

August 6, 2013


It had been exactly a year since we went to Highlands last year.  Its such a fun long weekend get away trip, I’m not sure why we don’t do it more often! Its still a little hard to get the kids to behave in the house and their ‘hiking’ stamina could use some work.  They did make it to the top of white side mountain and down which was 2.4 miles so that was pretty impressive. This is the view from the top.


Last year Rett had to pick up and comment on every rock so we didn’t make it up very fall at all before we turned around.  We didn’t even realize it is actually a circular trail that goes all the way around the mountain and back to where you start.


We didn’t see a whole lot of ‘wild life’ but saw a lot of pretty flowers and bugs.


We happened to be hiking alongside a woman who had studied botany so she was busy pointing out the more rare varieties of mountain flowers. She was impressed with this lily thing so I took a picture.



We even found a few tiny blueberries.


Poor Thad is in hardly any hiking photos because he still has to live in the baby carrier on my back.


We invited the McClure’s up to the mountains with us so Everett and Alice joined in on the fun.  She’s in her own baby carrier so you hardly see her either. Poor babies.  Our first trip was to the nature center and the hike around the lake behind it.


The kids had a great time exploring all the little trails. It was a pretty decent amount of walking but the kids were great sports.


That night we headed up to sunset rock with the guys. They had to work the entire time so could only do things with us in the evenings.


The next day Kayla and I took the long drive to South Carolina (a whole 1 hour away, it was nice to have those kids strapped down in the car for awhile) to visit the fish hatchery we visited last year.


The kids fed the trout and then we headed behind the hatchery to their picnic area and had a picnic lunch. Then we drove a short while back down the road and went on a 2.2 mile hike from hell. Evie whined the entire time. We drove down a lot in elevation so it was a lot hotter. Everett did great but all 3 of mine were whining, crying, fussing, falling and generally driving me nuts.


That night we took the kids to Sweettreats in town for some yummy ice cream.  This was the only bite Rett took.  He wasn’t too impressed.


Evie did slightly better.


Rett figured out if he turned the handle on the fish food thing, it would spit out food without requiring you to pay any money.


This was exciting.


Thad ate all the leftover ice cream.  No wasting around here with him around!


The last morning Kayla and I decided to take the kids to hike to Silverfalls.  It was a really short hike to our first waterfall.  The kids were pretty excited.


No kids fell in the water but I did almost lose Thad’s shoe.


Next year I want to go when its hotter. You can swim in the pool under the falls.


We stopped in Cashiers at their park and playground area to have lunch. The playground was AWESOME! It was all wooden and looked like a castle. So much to do, the kids had a blast.  Eventually it started sprinkling a bit so we packed up and headed home to get the place cleaned up so we could hit the road and go home.

Its amazing to see how many more things we can enjoy each year as the kids mature.  I love Highlands and all the wonderful outdoor activities my city kids can enjoy.

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  1. Kayla permalink
    August 6, 2013 7:58 pm

    We are big fans of Highlands now too, that’s for sure! What great pictures of our trip, thanks so much for inviting us!

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