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Rett turned 5

December 24, 2013



I know I already posted this picture in our Disney update but I was amazed how big he looked in it. He jumped up on the rock all by himself and cooperated when asked to take a picture.  He looks so genuinely happy. Not a forced, cheesy smile but the little boy we all get to see. Sometimes I struggle to show that in my photography because asking my children to take pictures is not the real happy faces we see everyday.


Rett turned 5.   Its been almost a month now. I still haven’t made his #5 pancake.  I was thinking today on Christmas Eve how many things we have to be thankful for.  We never have to worry about how our children are getting fed.  We actually do have to worry about spoiling them to much because we have the ability to.  Rett gets speech four times a week, two of those 1 hour sessions we are able to pay for out of pocket. We still have money left over for lessons, piles of clothes, trips to Disney and savings in the bank.  We are indeed blessed.


This year when Rett turned 5, all those things they were telling me about.  They are happening.  His speech has just blossomed overnight. Its not so much the words he uses (pronouns are still off and he’s actually went back to using some verbage incorrectly that he had mastered) but the thoughts he’s expressing and the things he’s talking about are age appropriate.  He tells us if the baby is trying to go down the stairs alone. ‘DAD! Watch the baby!’  Or he tells on Evie if she isn’t picking up her things.  He’s using his words and not tears to communicate when things aren’t going the way he wants.  I know when they test him in speech, its not going to be a happy day for me. Because when you get the checklist of pronouns, positional words and all that out, he’s not where he needs to be.  But I’ve realized now almost 3 years later that I don’t really care about pronouns.  I care about him sharing his thoughts and experiencing the world with us.  And if he still refers to himself as ‘Rett’ instead of ‘I and me’.. well that can come.

He’s been getting up at 6 am lately. I’m not sure why.  I managed to catch him one morning before he could wake up Evie and we went into the playroom together to wait for the others to get up.  He looked at the door longingly and I could tell he wanted to get Evie. He went and got a book and read to me.  Gone are the days of my boy wanting to play alone with his toys for hours.  We have been tremendously blessed beyond measure.  Welcome, 2014.  We can’t wait to see how much our little guy kicks butt this year.

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  1. December 24, 2013 7:24 pm

    Love love love it! I also dig his use of the third person. He’ll get to the I and me, but I like his regal use of his own name.

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