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2013 In Pictures

January 12, 2014

I love doing these! Here are links to the last 2 years plus this year’s update.





We spent New Years at Millwood for the first time. I can’t believe how little the kids look.



Thad turned 1.






Mom came out to Atlanta to visit.  We went to the Botanical Gardens.



Easter in Tuscaloosa.




Traveled to Oklahoma for my nephews’ graduation.  Nicole did some updated family pics while we were there.  We were all enjoying the weather warm up and looking forward to summer.





Took the children to the lake for the first time.  We had begun the process of house hunting and it took us awhile to narrow in on exactly what we were looking for. We took lots of fun road trips exploring new places.



Strawberry picking.



And Evie turned 3. We celebrated with a trip to the zoo, the movies and out for pizza.




We spent the fourth at the beach for the first time.




Mom flew in to Pensacola and joined us.  It was super busy and full of people.  The week after the fourth everyone was gone and we were back to the normal quiet at the beach that we typically have.  We did all the usual things.  Crab traps, ice cream, Peg Leg Pete’s and of course lots of fun at the beach and pool.




We also took a trip to the mountain house with my friend Kayla and her family. The kids had a great time playing with Everett.



It was also time to say goodbye to Kristi. Our one year of ABA had come to a finish. We were so thankful for the many ways it helped Rett. It was scary going forward without ABA or a plan on how we could afford to make this part of Rett’s future therapy.




I hardly have any photos and they are all of Thaddeus so I’ll share this one.   Tom and I went to a new crepe place and had lunch while the children were at Vacation Bible School.  The kids still talk about Vacation Bible School and they can’t wait to go back this summer. It was definitely one of their fondest memories.




September was driving back to Oklahoma for my family reunion. We hadn’t had it for a few years so I saw some cousins and other relatives that I had not seen since the last one.  The kids had a great time with their cousins and I had a great time with a group full of people to help watch the kids so we could relax a little.



And of course apple picking.



And a trip to the fair.




Halloween costumes



The kids played soccer.


And I was in the midst of first trimester misery.





Thanksgiving at Millwood. We had to leave a little early this year to head over to Florida for Rett’s super birthday party at Disney.




December was all about this guy turning 5 and our first family trip to Disney.



And a little bit of Christmas.



I don’t have photos to show Tom getting his temp to hire job at Suntrust.  Or my mom coming for THREE weeks to help me during the first trimester sickies.  Or when Tom got hired on officially just a few weeks ago.   In fact there are a million memories I didn’t capture this year.  To be honest,  I didn’t take many photos this year.  I’m not sure why that is.  But we did have a wonderful year even if there weren’t many photos to show for it.



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