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What is Rett working on right now

April 21, 2014



With the introduction of OT into our schedule right after our yearly speech eval, there’s LOTS to work on right now. The speech eval helped focus his therapy on some specific things to work on and OT is brand new so of course.. lots to work on there.


So what ARE we working on?


In speech, we are working on pronouns. Hard core.  She vs he and her vs him.  As soon as I think he’s got it, he’s lost it and we are starting over again.   He’s been gluing girls to a ‘she’ sheet of paper and boys to a ‘he’ sheet of paper and then going over every one saying she is a girl/he is a boy.  We’ve been doing coloring sheets of scenes where he has to say ‘she is skating’ and then puts a girl face on each girl.  We’ve been identifying action cards and sorting into boy/girl piles.  We’ve been doing coloring pages with a boy and a girl and instructing him to color her hair or his boots.


We’re also working on tall vs short. Building short and tall towers. Color the tall sand castle red and the short one blue.  He’s been doing really well with that so I’m thinking we are probably going to be moving on from that soon.  He still confuses tall vs long vs big sometimes.


We’re also working on two step directions.  Take the egg, walk to the wall and knock two times.  Find the polka dot egg. Color the polka dots red and the egg blue. We’ve been playing the ‘I can do that!’ game.  We’ve figured out that if its an action, he’s pretty much got it. If you tell him to say hi and clap his hands, he’s got it. But if you ask him to ‘say an animal and clap your hands’, he just claps his hands.  I think we need to separate the  inability to respond quickly to category questions vs 2 step instruction.


He’s also working on descriptive words.  Miss Amanda has a lot of neat ipad apps to help with this. One is by dr.panda I think and is a robot building game.  He has to choose a head/body and legs. She takes control of the ipad and he has to verbalize which option he wants.   He’s good with colors or number but other descriptors don’t come as readily to him.


We’re also working on guessing what will happen next in books, retelling stories and talking about our favorite part of the book.

In OT, we’re working on hand strength. Lots of clips and tongs and doing this penny turning over game to work on correct pincher grasp.  We were having a hard time with scissors but the Kumon books have completely corrected that.  He’s cutting with his thumb up and doing very well so far. We are still working on straight lines mostly but he now has to change direction while cutting.


We’re also starting to work on letter formation.  We are still working through our kumon mazes and tracing book before we start on letters.  We are over half way through the book so should start on our letter and number book within a few weeks.   I’m not overall excited about how his OT is ‘teaching’ him his letters because she is just writing down a few and having him copy what she wrote.  Rett is really big on making habits (both correct and incorrect) quickly and I don’t want him forming his letters incorrectly and then having to relearn the right way.  So we’ll see how that goes.

Rett has been getting a lot more sensory stuff in OT. He has been reacting to his brushing by being a lot more physically violent than normal when we get home so I need to speak with his OT about that. He’s loving all the swinging, crashing and jumping.  The last time we were there, he just kept saying ‘I love it! I love it!’.   I haven’t really noticed any other changes besides the negative one to brushing.

SO lots going on right now!  I’ve been looking for ways to supplement at home and need to take a trip to the dollar store to stock up on some fine motor/hand strengthening stuff.


I’m investigating different curriculum choices for our kindergarten year.   I have found a play group where our new house is going to be that has a bunch of 2014 kindergarteners in it so we are making lots of effort to get together with them so we have some support system when we do the big move in September within the area.  I’m sure the time will go fast, especially when baby arrives.



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