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The Building of a Home

May 5, 2014



We originally started house shopping a year ago.  It took us awhile to figure out the area and type of house we wanted. Then we found THE house.



Which was when our bank, who had approved our loan realized that my husband was under contract to hire status and un-approved us.  This house sold 1 month before Tom was officially hired on and we could start house shopping again.


Our realtor has been very patient with us. I think we looked at at least 30 houses.  We needed an office for Tom and a space for home schooling.  I preferred to have an extra room in the basement for my mom and other guests to come visit.  We wanted a flat back yard with room for the kids to play.  I wanted as little carpet as possible.  We weren’t picky about neighborhoods or sidewalks or amenities but we were picky about other stuff so maybe it evens out.  In the end, no house was found.


At some point the market flipped over here and houses were selling the day they were listed.  It was impossible for us house shopping an hour away from Atlanta to jump on houses fast enough with traffic/appointments and Tom’s work obligations.  We would find something we liked and it was selling for more than listing price.  So frustrating!  We decided to take a break and during this time the new construction picked up.  I researched a few of the new builders and asked our realtor what he thought about going that route.  He had some mixed reviews on building new but in the end we are getting exactly what we needed for our family.  The neighborhood had large lots with no amenities but the last time we stopped in, the agent there told us they are considering adding in a pool to help sell the neighborhood faster so fingers crossed!




Its been a pretty slow process so far.  We added a full bath off the play room downstairs so that it could double as a guestroom in the future so that added onto our basement as well so we’ve had to redo those plans a few times. This picture was taken a month ago.




They also discontinued our carpet color (stairs only, I managed to get out of having too much carpet, yay!) This was 2 weeks ago.




And this is this weekend.  That big hollow spot is under the garage and on the other side of the wall is the basement.




It looks so small right now!




This is our ‘neighbor’ to the right. The first spec house they’ve built that includes an unfinished basement.  They’ve never finished the basement that we’re building so its been a process getting some of the kinks worked out.


We are due to move in late September and can’t wait to watch our home being built from the ground up! The kids are so confused for now when we say we’re going to look at the new house because there’s not really much ‘house’ to look at. Rett kept pointing at the neighbor house and asking if that was it. Hopefully in another month there will be more ‘house’ and less dirt and rock pile.




Until then, I’m scouring our local resale board and Target sales buying a house full of stuff. Its like nesting multiplied by a million.  I’m having a great time dreaming up dining rooms and scoring sets of lamps for $20.   I just realized the other day that we moved to Atlanta right before Evie turned 2 and she’s coming up on 4. Which means she’s officially lived in this house longer than any other in her lifetime.   I wonder if they will remember all the things that have been stowed away in storage this entire time. It will be fun to experience setting up their rooms now that they are big kids and getting ready for our first Christmas in the new house.  So many great memories ahead.



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