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Homeschool Kinder learning Week 2

November 10, 2014


Yah.. still haven’t gotten my big camera down in the home schooling room.  I’ll try again this week.

So these are actually Thad’s tot trays. He just still has little to no interest in them.  This week he had a balancing toy with wooden elephants and circus animals that I found at goodwill, his peg stacker, a sorting tray and leaves I got at Hobby Lobby 70% off, a muffin tin with candy pumpkins that he promptly ate, farm felt stuff and linking cubes.  The big kids love choosing to play with his stuff during their break times.


Every morning after calendar, the kids do a coloring sheet that is color by number and they have to read their color words, then they get to do their second box.  Last week we had puzzles and this week we had Castle Logix and Building Buddies.  I pick out two different things and just rotate them back and forth throughout the week.  They can choose to do these during free time also.  Rett followed the instructions the first day or so but eventually he just sort of created his own thing using the blocks.


I try to do a do a dot page everyday for some fine motor hand strengthening.  Painting with q tips.

kindergarten3A look at the mess that is our home school space.  One thing at a time, at least we’re down there learning daily.  So from this angle you can see the random couch that I was supposed to ask Tom’s brother to help us move into the sensory room and forgot, uh!  Our big table which is where we do 90% of our day.   Their work boxes. Color cats, poor pink is missing a leg.  I have a little box of all my teacher supplies.  Easel that I use as a chalkboard and over in front of the window covered with crud is a desk we are going to put the children’s computer on. Eventually.


This week Saxon was continuing introducing and playing with different math manipulatives.  We started some basic patterning and introduced some graphing.  We practice counting everyday during calendar time.


Mom went home on Tuesday so we made a trip by the other house to pick up some more stuff and play at the park after lunch.  Lachlan’s first time in the swing.


We sorted M&M’s onto our leaf page.  The kids had to look at all the candies to decide what colors they needed to include. Then we counted each color and saw what color they had the most of, least of and colors that were the same.


More playing with manipulatives.  They were working on counting five objects.. which Thaddeus can do but whatever.  Then we had some free time to explore using both pattern blocks and bears.  Evie called this a merry go round.


This week our works were ‘to’ and ‘here’ so we have some new sentence building in the pocket chart. I used Rett’s action word flashcards from speech for the verbs.   We read the sentences all together, then they each get a turn reading them all.  The next day I take all the cards out and they rebuild the sentences.  We also talked about the places where they might like to do some of the sentences.  One of the sentences was ‘I like to swim here’  so we talked about how that could be the beach or the swimming pool or the Y.  They drew pictures to illustrate one of the sentences one day and I wrote out their descriptions.


Exploring linking cubes.


This week we were learning about leaves and why they change color.  We did some leaf rubbings and read a lot of books about them.  Then Tom’s brother came in town and we went for a hike in the woods.

I am so impressed with how much better the kids are able to track their words when we read our little reader for the week!  The first day I thought I was going to pull my hair out, the second day they were already doing SO much better!  I told Evie she wouldn’t be able to read if she didn’t track her words and look at them to get them into her brain and she was highly motivated.

On to week 3!

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