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Homeschool Kinder Learning Week 3

November 16, 2014


Another week that flew by.  This week we worked on hibernation/migration/adaptation.  Reviewed the first two weeks of sight words.  Continued working on AB patterning and counting objects up to 10 along with playing around with pattern blocks.  Math continues to be super easy.  But we have enough with our reading curriculum to keep us busy so I’m thankful.  With reading this week we worked on rhyming (nightmare), learning how to segment sounds, blend and beginning to sound out the words.  Along with identifying beginning sounds.

kindergarten1Workboxes are working out fabulously. I don’t know how anyone who is homeschooling more than one child does it any other way honestly.  I have all their tasks in their boxes with all needed materials and all I have to say is open up box 3.  Everyday starts with a color by number sheet to work on color words and then their number 2 box is some sort of fine motor toy.  This week we played with zoobs and some little see through blocks that fit together. I’m sure I could link them but I have no idea what to even search for.


Evie made several X Ray guns and Rett used the round ones to put the triangles of the same color in to sort them. He called them his geodes.


The kittens love to join us for school time. They prance around on the table, lay in our laps and usually settle down on the sofa for a cuddled up kitten heap of a nap time.



Tot trays this week were pumpkin transfer into the leaf muffin tin.  Sorting see through leaves by color.  Melissa and Doug sort and snap color match which has been a favorite for awhile.  He also had the peg toys and a little seal balancing game and a head/tail puzzle I scored at 5 below.  Once again, the bigs were much more interested in his trays than he was.


I finally filled up the sensory bin out on the porch with bird seed and the toys from my classroom sensory bin.


I was surprised at how much Evie enjoyed it.  I already knew Rett wouldn’t be able to get enough.


Covering up numbers 1-20 with garage sale stickers.


We put together a forest scene on our little table downstairs for our hibernating animals.  We collected stuff from the back yard and used play doh to make our ‘trees’ stand up.


We’re having a really hard time with rhyming.  I did several activities the last two weeks and its just not clicking.  All of us are frustrated.  I’m going to keep up what we’ve been doing but if they don’t get it, I’m just moving on and assuming its a developmental thing.  I found this little poem on pinterest.  It comes with different sets of rhyming pairs.  The kids take turns picking out the rhyming pairs and we sing the song. Some of them are pretty silly.

Because they have such great memories, they can memorize what goes together very well but if introduced to a new rhyming sort, its apparent they don’t have the concept.  Evie is still listening for same beginning sounds.


Our bible story this week was Noah and the ark.


We had a field trip on Thursday with my Christian Homeschool group to the Indian Mounds in Cartersville.  This awesome guy gave a talk about the native americans in this region and their tools and weapons.  Coming from Oklahoma, a lot of the words and names were familiar as that’s where the native americans were forced to move.  We listened to him give his talk and demonstration, watched a short film and then went outside to tour the mounds. You can actually climb all the way to top. It was pretty neat! And cold. So cold. I forgot to bring my camera as well so no good pics 😦

On Friday I had my secular homeschool group over for invitation to play centers.


My awesome husband went and got some branches from the back yard and taped them to our kitchen chairs.  I couldn’t find any apples at the store so I had to use ornaments for our apples.  I bought little buckets.  Even the bigger kids loved picking the apples.


Also bought some fake leaves and rakes and let the kids rake to their heart’s content.


This was after the kids had played with it but I set up a store and used my little mail scale for them to weigh things.

Here’s my pinterest board where I linked all my ideas.   I’m hoping to host these once a week.  The kids played for an hour and a half.  It seemed like a good amount of time. When it warms up we might can do lunch outdoors and then some outside play time but an hour and a half indoors was about everyone’s limit.  Evie spent the entire time in the sensory bin.  All the kids got along really well and I’m hoping that we can work on building relationships with same age peers through doing this.  The next one I’m hosting is polar expressed themed for Rett’s birthday.  Should be fun.

Here’s all my pins from week 3 of kindergarten if you saw anything you’d like to use.

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