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Kindergarten week 4

November 24, 2014


Another week when the big camera never made it down to the basement.  This is how Evie decided to start her Monday.   Fabulous.


We did some color by sight word this week instead of number.  I love how well Evie is coloring now.  It takes her a million years sometimes but I love that she actually cares what it looks like.


I bought this thing at $5 below.  Its supposed to be a game but I just let the kids play around with balancing the little guys.


We did a few different labeling activities this week.  Rett was holding up the turkey for a mask. Gobble gobble!


Evie’s school wear on day 2.  Coloring in some more sight words.


The birds found our spilled bird seed and began the clean up.  We had a fun time watching all the little birds having a feast.


I gave Thad some beads this week to sort or string on the zip ties.  Rett put them on there and pretended they were marshmellows over a fire made from those see through blocks.  Thad also had linking cubes to pattern, coloring books, the see through blocks and some other stuff he never touched.


I ordered some ‘baby’s first word’ cards to use in our building sentences for the nouns.  This week our words were is, a, and.  We built the sentences: Here is a ___  I like ______   I had them build all the Here is a parts first and then pair them with what the noun liked.  They love doing this and it really gets them reading to make sure they have all the pieces of their sentences and that they are in order.


This was a really neat counting on activity.  It had them roll one dice and add one more.  So we used our pointers and number lines.  They would point to what they rolled and say ‘I rolled a ____, one more is ____’.  I could see the number sense lightbulb flashing when they were rigging it to roll one less than the numbers they had left on their cornucopia Evie wanted to use stickers and Rett wanted to color with markers.

Not very many pictures this week but we did a LOT. I introduced both tally marks and ten frames.  We’re going to be going more in depth over the next few weeks.  Saxon had us sorting by color and graphing.  Also added the letter H and the kids FINALLY caught onto rhyming.  The dreaded Saxon activity where I gave them a word and they had to give me as many words that rhymed as possible actually went well!  We’ve been doing a lot of sorting, playing some games and our ‘a rhyming we will go’ song everyday.  They even gave me some rhymes that we HADN’T discussed so while I don’t think we are completely there, its sinking in.

For our books this week we read ‘Paper Fun’ which is a little reader I have from my old classroom and my mom’s ‘Tip’ book which is a lot like Sally, Dick and Jane.  We discussed that it only had 4 words and I put them on the white board with some picture clues.  Its funny how these books have such few words but because of that they have to pay VERY close attention and really read vs memorizing.  They each had a turn to read the book all by themselves on Thursday and Rett was SO proud of how well he read it.  He knew it was hard work!

Friday we had a Thanksgiving celebration with our Christian homeschool group and I ran into the sweet lady I bought my Saxon curriculum from!  Miss Nicole told the story of Thanksgiving and we made a little bracelet to go along with it. Then we ate some pizza, played outside and played a few rounds of duck, duck, turkey.

I’ve really just been focusing on getting the kids to know the vocabulary ‘Mayflower’ ‘pilgrims’ and ‘Native Americans’.  I sort of had given up that it was sinking in even though we’ve been reading stories everyday, drawing pictures and labeling. Then tonight Rett found the playmobil set I bought to teach some Native American vocabulary this week and he starts going on and on about everything we’ve been learning!  Just goes to show you that it is sinking in! Even though when I asked who was on the Mayflower, he still answered ‘The pilgrims. And Pete the cat.’

Here’s my week 4 on pinterest if you see anything you want to do with your own kinders!


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