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Kindergarten Week 5

December 13, 2014


Random cute photo of Rett from hiking this summer. I’m really missing summer. Its freezing here!

Well we took a few weeks off of school between a stomach bug that just wouldn’t quit, Thanksgiving and Rett’s birthday week was a madhouse between birthday, taking Lachlan to Marcus and just life in general.

BUT we were back in the swing of things this week full force.


Of course we had to have our Christmas countdown with cotton balls on Santa’s beard. I still remember doing mine in second grade.


We had a stamp and write the word Christmas activity.  I love how hard Evie is concentrating.  And how hard Thaddeus isn’t.


We’re still working through our math book. You can find it here.  Mostly we’re practicing writing our numbers and drawing things.  I snuck a peak ahead and we are moving toward actual math beyond writing the numbers.  Saxon also has us introducing word problems through bear counters, doing AB patterning, describing shapes with two traits (size and color) and talking about sorting by color vs shape vs size.  Lots of good number sense happening even if we aren’t adding and subtracting quite yet.


This little guy is six months now.  He loves to join us for school in his little exersaucer thingy.  It won’t be too long before he’s crawling around trying to choke on everything.


We’ve been hitting ordinal numbers really hard this week.  Rett was introduced to it in speech and by some chance miracle the Polar Express stuff I pulled up had a lot of it.  It was REALLY hard at first but gradually got a little easier.  We still have a lot of work to do.


We worked on sight words ‘we’ and ‘see’ this week.  I love this part of our day. I feel like its the one thing that helps them learn to read more than anything else. The first day, I introduce the sentences. Then the second day I pull all the cards out and put them on the table and they have to build them again.  They leave out words or reverse them and having to figure things out and really read what they are creating makes such an impression on their brains.  These were also clues to places so one day I asked them to read the sentence that was talking about the pond or the farm or whatever. The sentences were ‘We like to see the _____ here’


We’ve almost worked our way through the upper and lower case Kumon books.   I need to see what books we are moving into next. I love this series.


After we sorted our pattern blocks by color one day, Evie made a dragonfly during play time.


LOTS of cut and paste this week.  During this activity Rett was complaining that his hands were hurting. Yay for muscle building! I try to bounce between handwriting and then a cut and paste so they use different muscles.  Evie definitely needs to build up some endurance in her hands, she is still switching back and forth between hands because of them being tired.


We had my Christian homeschool group over for a reading of the Gingerbread Baby and we decorated gingerbread cookies.  They had the ones pre cut that you could bake at Target.  Way to use up leftover Halloween candy!


Here’s Rett’s masterpiece.  The kids had a great time making and eating their cookies and playing. Nobody wanted to leave when it was time to go. I had to take Evie to gymnastics though so was on a bit of a time crunch.  Two ladies came over with their two children and my next door neighbor brought hers over. It was the perfect size group.  The children played in the hot chocolate shop left up from my last play date and on the outside play stuff a LOT. It felt freezing to me but I think they were happy to burn some of the pent up energy since its been SO cold lately. Rett thinks everytime we have friends over its a party.  So cute.


They worked 48 piece puzzles from the Target dollar spot as a reward for finishing their morning coloring sheet.


I am really loving our Saxon phonics program. It introduces the letters slowly and we practice identifying them everyday along with our key word and sound.  The kids already know all their letters and letter sounds but whatever.  Then we use our tiles to practice building words and we even took a spelling test this week! Ok it was one word.  They both scored a 100.  Its doing a great job of introducing sounding out which we are slowly moving towards.


I bought this scrabble soup game at $5 below a few weeks back. I got it out to play today and honestly, it was too hard for the kids. The words were just crazy. So I decided to modify it and write out all our sight words.  The begin you have to choose what word you want to try to scoop out so they were having to read their sight words a LOT! Then you scooped to see if you got any letters from your word. The first one to cover all their letters got a candy cane. I won. I swear I didn’t cheat.


Poor Thaddeus. I give up trying to make tot trays for him. He has zero interest.  He spends the school time pretend counting, looking at books, doing color sheets, climbing on my lap and playing ipad in the guestroom. Which sometimes leads to a nap.  I’m going to put him in a mother’s day out program next year (its all full right now).  I think we would all benefit from it.

So that wraps up another week of school!  I can’t believe we have only one more full week before Christmas.  This time of the year flies by.

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