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Kindergarten Week 6

December 21, 2014

kindergarten1Aww the holidays.  Where we want to slow down time but instead it seems to pass by in a blink.  I can’t believe Christmas is in five days. I feel like I need another month to really prepare!  Another baby’s first Christmas. We’ve been blessed to have so many babies and at Christmas I am really thankful. There’s nothing like having a baby around at Christmas time.


I wrote the kids’ names on computer paper and we pasted on pink and white marshmallows to create AB patterns. Saxon has really been pushing the AB pattern identification and the kids both caught on really quick to this.  They’ve been patterning for awhile but now they point out AB patterns when we see them.


Sometimes I can’t believe we’ve only been homeschooling for 6 weeks!  Hearing them read is so exciting. They’ve come so far in such a short amount of time.  We’ve been working on Biscuits New Trick for two weeks now so time to add a new reader next week! We read through all our old readers and our new one everyday to help build fluency.  The kids both love reading and are very proud of themselves.  As they should be.


I don’t have very many photos this week because we had so much to do outside of school!  This morning the kids did their work on the kitchen table so I could get things done in time to meet our friends at the Tree Festival at the library and then they came over for some brunch and a book exchange at my house. Yum.. brunch.  I ate my leftover casserole for days.. it was so good.  The kids loved looking at the different trees. Evie thought we were there to take one home. She chose this one, the Cinderella tree.

kindergarten5Rett showing off his awesome coloring. He was excited to find the AB pattern on his gingerbread house.


This was a neat activity. I printed off the tree sheet and colored all the tops of the trees red and all the middles green. The children rolled the two dice and wrote the total of the red dice in the red section and the total of the green in the green section. Then they counted them all up and wrote that at the bottom.  Their number sense has come such a long way.  Our math book is working on ‘more’ and I can really see the light bulbs coming on as we get closer to doing traditional addition.


We worked on labeling a lot this week.  You can tell how serious Evie is about her coloring.  She would probably take all day to color every piece of paper if I’d let her.  I like how these sheets make the letter blanks tall for the tall letters and short for the short letters.  When we couldn’t read a word we used letter clues to help narrow our options down.


We played ‘roll a snowman’ with our dice.  Each number represented a different thing to draw for your snow man.  I thought it was funny how tiny they both drew them.

This week Saxon was working on sounding out cvc words. Now the kids are sort of stuck on sounding out instead of just saying the word if they know it so that’s fun.  We introduced a new letter and we’re still working on stretching out our words to hear all the different sounds and writing them down.  It was a review week for sight words so for our sentence chart we had a lot of different sentences containing all the words we’ve had to read about Christmas.  Saxon worked on AB patterning and also story problems using our teddy bear counters.


Outside of school we are getting the Christmas fun started.  Decorating sugar cookies.  Thaddeus poured out an entire thing of pepper so he was on the naughty list. No cookie decorating for him that day.


We drove to LIFE university to drive through the Christmas lights.. numerous times. The kids loved it. I packed up hot chocolate and candy canes.  Next year the baby will be big enough where we can walk through and do the other activities but this year it was fun to just stay in the car.


I busted out the pack of 100 piece puzzles I bought last year on clearance and they spent 30 quiet minutes putting this one together.  Then it was time to go to our Happy Birthday, Jesus party with my other home school group.  We sang happy birthday and ate lunch and cake together.  One of the sweet moms told the story of Jesus’s birth and how everything points to him including the center of an apple where if you cut it just right, you can find the single star just like that night in Bethlehem.

We went over to our friend Sammy’s and had our first Chanukah experience too! Fun times with friends and family creating new memories, that’s what this season is all about.   We are so blessed in our new home with such a great community of friends, it has really made our advent season memorable.

Here is my pinterest board with all the activities we did this week if something caught your eye.

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