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Kindergarten Week 8

January 10, 2015


This week was INSANELY cold!  Perfect for fires and smores, which I had both. Multiple nights.  Multiple smores. It was great. My best friend flew in from Oklahoma with my little nephew Eli and spent the week with us.  It was hard to juggle school, therapy and best friend time.  Balancing homeschooling and everything else is probably on my top three of hardest things about homeschooling.  I still feel like we are so far behind even though I’m planning on continuing through the summer.

Rett’s handwriting is so awesome now!  We are starting to work on number words.


This was a fun game.  Each player gets 10 linking cubes the color of their choice. They roll the two dice and put their marker on the sum. If another person rolls it, they ‘bump’ the other person’s marker off. If their color is already there, they stack it up. Whoever gets rid of all their markers first wins!  It took awhile.  If you want to do a fast game, I’d do like 6 linking cubes or something.


One of our Saxon phonics activities we do all the time.  I say the sound, they bring the letter down. Sometimes we make words this way also.  Its a great hands on way to play with our letters and practice our letter sounds.


This is our new Kumon numbers book. We’re currently working on writing our numbers up to 30. This was pretty difficult for Rett.  Towards the end of the activity he finally caught on to what I was trying to explain to him.


We are so close to starting basic addition.  This week we started practicing using manipulatives, the number line and our fingers to start adding. Rett was really great at this. He caught on quickly, stayed focus and finished the entire page of problems without any redirection, reassurances that he was doing it right or reminders to stay on task.  Evie really had a hard time. She would count out the first number, then forget to count out the second. Or sort of forget what she was supposed to be doing. I’m sure with a little more practice she’ll have it though.


Saxon had us working with pattern blocks to cover up pictures. I was too lazy to print out what they wanted me to use but I had previously printed out these snowflakes and never got around to using them so I just used those instead.  We covered them up, sorted by color then counted how many of each color we used and discussed most/least/same.


Rett’s finished snowflake.


Sorry for my blurry picture. This was another fun activity.  Its a CVC word made up of 3 pictures. The kids write the beginning sound of each picture and then sound out the word that it makes. So there was a cat, an apple and a nest.  C-A-N to spell out can!  We are hard at work with blending our sounds together.

Evie is having some difficulty with scissors. We do cutting at least once a day, sometimes twice so I’m a bit surprised.  I’m having to remind her to cut with her thumb up, to cut off excess paper and turn her paper.


This week our sight words were ‘it’ and ‘all’ bringing us to a grand total of 15.  Here Rett is building our sentences for the week.


We do a LOT of repeated readings to help build up our fluency in reading.  One of the books we use is the Tip series that my mom had from her classroom.  This book is probably older than I am.  The pictures are so cute and the kids really have to pay attention to their words because there are only a handful in each story.  They are a lot like the Sally, Dick and Jane books. Each week, the kids take turns reading through entire stories we’ve done previously and we start a new story each Monday that they take turns reading each day.


After finishing their coloring they decided to copy words from the apple words on the wall instead of playing with play doh. Rett is on the left, Evie on the right. She loves to code her words with breves.  Evie has memorized how to spell a lot of words. Her memory is amazing.


More base 10 fun. Its really helping teach counting on.


Adding up domino sums and sorting.


And our other reader we’ve been working on daily. This is the second week we’ve done ‘Biscuit Meets the New Baby’. We worked on ‘Biscuit Learns a New Trick’ for a few weeks.  The kids are reading it really well. A few pages trip them up but for the most part, they have it down.  I’m amazed at how well they are tracking and really paying attention the words.


In other news, Thaddeus is now potty trained! He’s been in jammies all week for easy pulling up and down.  He loves hanging out in Lachlan’s car in the basement.

A few things we’ve been working on that I don’t have pictures of, we’re still working through The Boxcar Children book 1. Every day we add to our story map and we go through it every morning to remind them what we’ve read previously.  We read a lot of snowmen books this week and I’m really trying to get across ‘What is the book about’ and ‘what happened in the book’.  I’m drawing story maps and looking back in the story as well as modeling good retelling. I’m hoping something is sinking in.  We’ve had some really great stories. Its amazing how many stories there are about snowmen coming to life!

Here’s my pinterest board for this week if you see anything you’d like to print!

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