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Kindergarten Week 9

January 17, 2015


I was feeling very unmotivated this week. It was hard to find stuff online for us to do. Seems like we’ve done a lot of the winter things and its not quite time for February.  Here’s Rett coloring in his color by sight word dog.


We’re still working on the concept of labeling.  We labeled a penguin.


This was a fun game.  The kids had two sets of snowballs 0-3. They chose two sets to place at the bottom, then counted them up and put on the correct sum hat.  Rett hadn’t used six yet and I asked him how he could make his hat six and he immediately chose his 3 and 3 snowballs.  I’m really glad we’ve done all this number sense work leading up to actual traditional addition.  I feel like the kids are really getting the concept.


In math we are kind of all over the place. Saxon has us doing very basic things like shape identification and putting our numbers in order 1-10. We did have a great discussion about the number 0 and we started counting backwards.  We added that to our calendar routine. We’re up to counting to 60 and backwards from 10 now.  This was another number sense addition.  The kids used two different colors of goldfish and I reused the number cards I had made for Saxon number order. We discussed the + and = sign and said our number sentences.


Evie dressed up as a barista during play time to cook up some hot chocolate.  I still have that play center set up from group play because my kids love it so much.  They are still in there baking and serving hot chocolate and tea several times a week.   This activity I had them take turns choosing a sight word from our sight word wall. Then they rolled their dice and wrote the word under that number.  The sight words were on a race!  Great way to practice reading and writing our words.


We’re still working on our inventive spelling.  My kids have 0 confidence in their ability to stretch their words out and write the sounds. They want my help all the time.  I know its a horrible habit but if I don’t help, they just sit there so not sure what to do. We read snowmen books last week including my favorite, Snowmen at night.  This week they wrote an activity their snowmen would do and drew a picture.  Evie chose kick a ball.


Our sight words this week were ‘All’ and ‘it’ so I included them in our sentences.  Its so great that each week I can not only work on our new words but I try to include words that the kids are having difficulty with to give them more practice.  ‘have’ and ‘is’ and ‘us’ are causing us difficulty this week so I’m hoping to include them in our sentences next week.


Evie hard at work coloring her Olaf. They can now do their color by sight word sheet completely independently and stay on task to finish without being watched. Gives me time to eat breakfast, tidy up the room and get everything ready for the day for Saxon lessons.


Rett looks so big in the ‘student’ pose.  Head propped up on his hand.   Our math workbook introduced taking away so we’ve been working through that and introducing the vocabulary ‘taking away’ ‘less than’.


Another number sense activity.  The children had five pennies in their cup, they poured them out and then colored how many were heads and how many were tails.  Attempting the concept of ‘more than one way to make 5’  Also we hadn’t really discussed heads or tails so I guess we covered that important life skill.


Evie reading the sentences for the week.


And here it is. Our first day to do a regular addition facts sheet.  I colored all the top numbers blue and the bottom numbers yellow to help them stay organized when using their linking cubes.

We’ve been working everyday in the afternoon doing creative writing using our sight words and inventive spelling.  We haven’t got too creative yet but its great practice and we’re moving forward. I saved all their pages so I can hole punch them and put them in a binder to save.  The kids decide on a sentence and then I help them write it together.

My homeschool group came over on Friday to play. It actually warmed up to 50 degrees and they spent most of their time out on the trampoline when they weren’t in the sensory room having a disco party.  It was hilarious. One little girl turned on the radio and they turned off the light and put on the light table light and danced all that built up energy out. My three slept SO well last night.

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