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Kindergarten Week 10 and 11

February 7, 2015


Its been awhile since I blogged. We spent 2 weeks at my moms house. We were planning on spending one so I brought stuff for the first week and then sort of ran out.  Even so, I don’t have quite everything not being home so I’m not sure it counts as a full week. But we read and did sight words and our workbooks so better than nothing.


Its been hard to motivate myself this week.  Lots on my plate besides homeschool and its really dragging me down.  But it was nice to be home and back to our routine.  I found this little caddy at goodwill and decided to do away with our school boxes for now and see how this works out.


We’ve started doing addition and subtraction using our little manipulative guys.  This workbook is sort of crazy and it actually mixed up adding and subtracting so we had to figure out which we were supposed to do. They were pretty good at it after we did a couple.


I caved and just bought a Valentine’s packet because I was so crunched for time this week.  Working on our ten frames still.  We are now talking about how the tens place tells us how many full ten frames to color and that the ones place is the extras.  Little lightbulbs coming on.


Working on their morning work.  They are so good at reading colors now including grey, peach, white and light/dark that we almost never do just color by number anymore.   They loved these valentine’s themed ones though.


In Kumon we’re working on writing our numbers 60-90.  Their method of teaching number recognition is pretty genius.  At first it has them circle the number, then they have to fill in the missing numbers and to review we do do-a-dot.  Rett really struggles with the do-a-dots less so because of number recognition and more because they are so visually distracting.


More 10 frame practice.


We did a few roll and covers this week to continue working on counting on. I have them say ‘this dice is 6’ and cover it up and then count up from there.  They are definitely not just doing this without being prompted so it continues to be a skill to work on.


After having some extremely difficult days in our math book with it switching from adding to subtracting in mere pages with hardly any practice, now its gone to the easy side with shapes and color word recognition.  The kids are enjoying the break.


I love these cut and pastes for working on sound segmenting.  Rett is a pro at this but Evie really struggles. Its strange since she memorizes so much easier than him but he’s almost a stronger reader because if he doesn’t know a word, at least he can sound it out.


In Saxon, I introduced pennies and this day we made a pictograph about the eye color in our family.  Evie insisted on having glasses on hers.  We also did a few stories about finding more pennies or dropping pennies and acting those out.


I had not done this building word activity in Saxon phonics for awhile and it really showed. I’m going to really concentrate on doing this daily this week.  Evie was pretty good at it but she’s lost it somehow.


Our sight words were no, do and this this week so I came up with some sentences for our sentence chart.  This continues to be a huge part of our reading portion of the day.  Especially the day we take all the cards out and re build the sentences, it really helps get those words into their heads.


Working on our tally marks.  Its amazing how easily they switch over from counting by 5’s to counting by 1’s again. I remember how my first graders struggled with that concept.


We’ve done so many of our sight word star sheets that now Rett can give the instructions. Which he thoroughly enjoys doing.  It wasn’t so long ago that we were working on this as a speech goal and he would fight and cry about getting the words out.  Now its fun to play teacher.


I realized it’d been awhile since we did an art project so we stamped with toilet paper tubes shaped like hearts today.


Simple but anything involving paint becomes instantly amazing to a little kid.

We are counting up to 100 now on our 100’s chart.  I haven’t done much skip counting except for tally marks (by 5’s) and the ten frames have us count 10,20 sometimes.

We started reading Biscuit Meets a New Friend this week and I added several words to their sight word stack that have been in their Biscuit book.  They are up to reading 30’ish words within their sight word pile at least.  They are really picking up the words fast now.

Here’s my pinterest board for week 10 and week 11

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