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Sweet sweet success

February 11, 2015


There are things that you work on in speech therapy for minutes, for hours, for days, for years.  Yes, folks. Years. Literally years.  I don’t even know how many times we worked on not only at speech but at home the concept of asking vs telling.  ‘I want cookies.’ Ok use your asking word. ‘Can I have cookies?’  EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. Hundreds of opportunities to practice.  And suddenly.  I realized the other day.  He is doing it. 100% of the time.  Today he said ‘I want popcorn. Oh, whoops! Can I have popcorn please?’  I haven’t even been working on it really.  And yet.  Those thousand times that I corrected and he fixed his sentence, here is the sweet success.  There is no medal. There is no trophy. Heck I didn’t even notice.  But yet, a mountain was climbed. Slowly, slowly.

I have come to a place of peace in this journey.  I no longer take Rett to therapy thinking of the kid he could be.  Thinking if I put enough hours, time and effort into him that he will magically be able to speak on level and will be on target with peers and the world will burst into the Sound of Music and we’ll all dance down the hills into a huge herd of goats.  I love goats.   I have come to a place where I realize, this is Rett.  And we can try to shape a few things going on but this is who he is.  There will be no miracle language break through.  He will not suddenly snap his fingers and no longer need therapy. I used to say to myself that this therapy stuff wasn’t forever. He would catch up and normal life would resume.  Then this became our normal life.  I’ve been taking my son to speech therapy now for four years.  And more than likely I will continue taking him until he is at least 18.  There is no end.  For him there will always be something to work on.


Another great thing happening lately is Rett has been more open to trying mixed up foods that previously he turned his nose up to.  And he’s realizing he likes them. His body is able to allow him to try, chew and swallow the food instead of immediately gagging it out.  It is not always a ‘will he like it’. Sometimes he says yum and still because of his sensory issues, his body says no and he involuntarily gags it out.  Its been nice to add some new foods into our rotation. He really isn’t that picky of an eater as long as you serve stuff the way he wants it to be served.  But things like casseroles or mixed up main dishes don’t work around here.

We’ve been making a LOT of friends in our homeschool group and I’ve now gone from ‘I have no clue how to make friends’ to ‘I have no clue how to foster SO many relationships!’   God has once again blessed our family for following what I believe was His plan for our family from the start.  The very first lady that diagnosed Rett lived in Cherokee county and she told us what a great place it was for special needs and homeschooling families.  I’ve made more friends here in the few months we’ve lived here than the two years in Atlanta.  There are birthday parties and park play dates and so many fun things to do its hard to fit them all in with our learning schedule.

Now that we are four years into our autism journey, I can look back and see how every decision and every therapist and every life change fits perfectly into God’s plan.  He so carefully selected and led me to the wonderful women that helped give Rett his voice, focus his body and gave him the very, very best start.  Sometimes when I’m teaching I can see the things ABA added to his life and I wonder if I would have been able to home school had it not been for that year of ABA.  Homeschooling was part of God’s plan. He made it happen. He gave my husband a work from home job, He sent me to college to learn how to teach, He put a love of learning into my heart.  There are so many things that just magically fell into place so that we are where we are today.  Rett is doing kindergarten work. He is reading.  He is writing.  He is adding and subtracting and counting to 120.  I do not know where we would be today without the many blessings we’ve had to help us get Rett to this point where he is able to focus and learn.  Some days are hard.  But they are all worth it.  He is absolutely worth it.

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