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Making the Effort

February 15, 2015


I’m excited that I have so many updates to share on Rett’s progress lately! Sometimes i don’t realize that he is still making small jumps at times until I take the time to write it all out.   I don’t want to take things for granted, but the slow progress somehow just becomes our new normal without much notice. Its so slow and evolving it just happens when you aren’t watching.

We have been working with Rett to make the effort to make himself understood or to understand others.  Phrases like ‘what did you say?’ ‘I don’t understand the word ______’  don’t come naturally to him and you think he’s understood you when he really hasn’t.  They are really phrases to help him advocate for himself and are very important.  He has started asking ‘what did you say?’ a LOT lately which is great! Rett has auditory processing disorder so sometimes (especially if he doesn’t understand the word), he will mishear what you’ve said.  One example is when he was little I was showing him ‘marbles’, he heard the word as ‘more balls’.  He didn’t understand the word marbles and they looked like balls to him so his brain jumped to what made the most sense with what his vocab was at the time.  As his understanding of words has broadened, this happens less and less.

Yesterday was social skills and Rett took and received Valentine’s with his buddies.  He had them in his valentine bag which I gave to him inside but then carried to the car so he wouldn’t spill.  As I was loading Lachlan into the car, Rett asked ‘Where is my dad?’  So I told him oh he’s at home.  He started saying something like ‘No, Thaddeus is at home’.  I didn’t really understand what he meant so I said yah he is at home.  Then he said ‘No, I SAID ‘Where is my B-A-G!!’  He didn’t want me to forget his valentine’s bag. He knew he had it inside and didn’t remember carrying it to the car because I had done it for him.  This is huge!  Getting language out and communicating takes so much effort on Rett’s part. I know there were tons of times when I misheard him but it was too much effort to try to make himself known. Or he tried and I didn’t get it, so he gave up.  He’s showing that he understands that others misheard words as well, just like he does sometimes and he knows how to fix that problem by talking loudly and enunciating.   As his mom, all these great strides in making himself understood and heard bring me so much peace. Because I know when I send him out into the world he has the means to make himself understood and heard.  Having a child that doesn’t communicate on level is very scary. You don’t know if they can verbalize a problem or need that they have.  We are well on our way to that point with him.

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