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Kindergarten Weeks 12 and 13

February 28, 2015

Things have been a bit uh here lately.  Home school has not been as scheduled as it should be.  But the public schools have been out a lot for snow and ice so I try to make myself feel better.


We’re currently reading The Magic Treehouse Knight at Dawn.   We began chapter books with the boxcar children which I felt was a tad over their head.  Now we’ve moved on to this.  This is really over their head.  The books introduce a lot of vocabulary about subjects.. this book being about castles and knights.  Unfortunately without visuals, I think most of that never even gets into my kids’ heads.  Unless I want to launch a full on battle on castle vocabulary learning, this is going to get no where.  This was our current story map. Everyday we discuss the characters and talk about what has happened in the book.  And I work on my amazing artistry skills.  Next we’re going to try out Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We’ll see how that goes.


Rett has been highly distractable and jumpy lately.  His language is also taking off like crazy so this is normal for him.  He acts like he’s not listening to you one bit and then says something that realizes he was the entire time.   This color by sight word was so distracting to him visually, we had to make a plan together.  Choose one word to color, start at the top and color all of the same word all the way to the bottom.  Without me helping him form a plan, he just kept doing nothing really.


The Kumon write and wipe flashcards were popular this week. I’m not sure if they enjoyed practice writing or using the eraser more.


Rett is doing amazing with his CVC words. He is still confusing his e and i middle sound but I’m EXTREMELY happy at how well he is hearing all sounds including his middles.  Having auditory processing disorder can make this type of reading skill very difficult.


A little roll and color with the groundhog.  A week or so late.


We did a lot of work with candy hearts.  Here he is filling up his ten frame and then writing what number that made. He’s getting really great at counting on.


Saxon had us working on first through fourth ordinal numbers. It was a great activity having the kids lay down the first bear or touch the third bear that is red. Since this is actually a skill Rett is working on, it was really nice practice.


Elsa finishing up her color sheet for the morning.


I was actually supposed to introduce time BUT I realized I didn’t own a demonstration clock anymore.  So 2 day shipping from amazon delayed us. I skipped ahead to introducing pennies and Saxon had me set up a little fake store.  Wish these were the real prices! We discussed pennies, writing the cent sign and practiced counting out our money for items.


Graphing our candy hearts. We discussed which color they had the most/least or the same of.

vday1We also had our valentine’s party with our homeschool group.


The kid came home and wanted to get ALL their stuff out and look at everything.


This week I was going to get back in the saddle and do a full week’s worth of homeschool. Then this happened.  And on top of that every kid in the house has some sort of junk going on. This day Evie wouldn’t even get off the couch/stairs/bed/wherever she laid down.  Then Lachlan was running a fever.


Still trying to get our Valentine’s day stuff done.


We’re almost done with our Kumon book numbers 1-120  Its been a great way to start counting and writing past 100.  After this book we will start basic addition/telling time and money.


This little worksheet they had to look at the picture on the envelope and find the CVC word that matched.  They were so surprised that they could read so well.  I love it!


Rett flew through this math activity.  Roll two dice to form addition problems.  The first two boxes they drew the dots, then they wrote the numbers and last counted them all up together.


Finding different ways to make 10 using our ten frames.


Reading I like to hop for the 100000000 time.  Building fluency is boring as a parent but so important as an early reader.  Their sweet little voices are so cute reading.  I am seriously going to try to remember to take video this week!

Then after I had been SO good the day before.


Homeschooling is teaching me a lot about being dedicated and pushing through.  When I taught public school, I had to show up because my boss would wonder where I was if I didn’t. There is no boss now.  And during these dark days after diagnosis, its hard to motivate myself to keep going.   But there is no substitute if I don’t.

One of the funny things is after we took a 2 week break from school, I thought the kids would have forgotten all their sight words and we would have a tough time.  Evie actually remembered MORE sight words that we hadn’t even been going over.  Its like the 2 weeks off let everything settle in her head.

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