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Kindergarten Week 14

March 7, 2015


I was determined to do 5 days of homeschooling this week. I got everything printed, planned and ready. And we had a great week.  We did a few Dr. Seuss things and some St. Patty’s.


We were working hard to finish our Kumon Numbers 1-120 book.


I purchased the Moffat girls March Kinder pack and this is one of the cut and pastes in there.  The children had to read the clues and figure out which animal they were describing.  Cut/paste the clue and color the animal according to the clue.


For this the kids had to write the number before and after. Since Rett struggles with those words anyway, this was a SUPER fun worksheet.  He actually did it right most the time but kept referring to basically all the numbers as ‘after’.  Luckily speech is working on this right now.


We did a little Seuss addition.


Since we only worked on our sentences a few times last week, I went ahead and kept them up for another week.  Our new words for the week were ‘put’ and ‘are’.


I found a really cute activity for Ten Apples Up On Top but of course my phone had died by the time we did it.  I read the story to them that morning and then in the afternoon, they had a sheet of paper with the 3 characters on it and a sheet with apples. We read the story and they put the paper apples on the characters heads along with the story.  This is the kids reenacting the story with our easter eggs.


More morning work!


This was Rett’s final page in his numbers 1-120 book.  I think he’s doing a pretty awesome job!  We need some work on 5’s and 8’s so focusing on that this week. More so for Evie than Rett.


Rett working in his math workbook.  It was really focusing on same and different both in pictures/number of items/shapes and sizes. Celine was helping him out.


More tally mark work. We haven’t really practiced counting by 5’s much so this was a tad difficult. They still amaze me how easily they go from counting by 5’s to 1’s.


Saxon introduced clocks and time to the hour last week so it was perfect timing (har har) that we finished up our Kumon book and then added the next two in the series. This is Easy Telling Time.  They basically got the whole telling time to the hour thing after the first lesson.

kindergarten14Saxon had the kids copying patterns from paper to linking cubes and then telling me if it was an ABA or ABB pattern. We also introduced AABB patterning this week.

kindergarten15We did a little roll and read sight word practice.

kindergarten16We read The Foot Back as our easy reader this week.  The kids loved it. Even Thaddeus had his own copy and followed along.


Listening to Green Eggs and Ham.  My phone died (again) but after their morning work they made blue and pink eggs and ham with their play doh.


The other Kumon book we introduced was Simple Addition. 


The kids had a moment of high block interest so I let them play for about 20 minutes.


We finished our Kumon Alphabet Games book so now we started our First Book of Drawing.

Other things we worked on not pictured, Saxon had us working with pennies and doing a lot of grocery store type buying items.  We also worked with our clocks quite a bit.  For phonices, we introduced a few new letters and talked about how s has two sounds.  Our science book wants to move onto plants next and I’m not really ready for that so I think next week we are going to do rainbows and color for St. Patty’s.

If you see something you like, here’s my pinterest board with stuff for this week linked up.

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