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A Day In Kindergarten homeschool style

March 12, 2015

I was going to title this blog post ‘Our normal kindergarten day’ then realized, we are pretty far from normal.  Then I switched to ‘Our Typical Kindergarten Day’ and because of therapy and other things, we don’t necessarily have a typical day either!  So here it is.. a day in kindergarten at the Martin house!


I try to start school by 9 o’clock.  We head downstairs and our first task is our calendar time. We talk about the days of the week (yesterday was, today is, tomorrow will be), the pattern the calendar makes, the month.  Then we sing the days of the week and months of the year song although we do that less often now that they know them all.  Sometimes we discuss what we do on certain days of the week or months of the year.  We use our 100 chart to practice counting.

Next we turn towards that chart you can see in the picture and we discuss the chapter book we’re reading. We go over title/characters and what has happened so far. The I read a chapter and ask them what happened and add that to our story map.  Then I read a picture book.  I also introduce or go over our sight words for the week. I introduce 2-3 sight words each week. After that the kids go to their seats and start their morning work which is usually a color by sight word or addition sheet.


That plastic drawer system in the background of this picture is our workboxes. They are numbered 1-10.  After completing morning work, the kids pull out drawer number 2 which is something fun to do. Play doh or stickers or coloring or some sort of game.  I usually give them about five minutes to do that.  I make use of timers a lot during the day.  After that we go onto box number 3 which is our kumon math work and our DK Math Made Easy workbook.


After we get done with all of our math workbooks (currently we have 3, telling time/simple addition and our math made easy), we do box number 4 which is a cut and paste to change things up.  I try to make it a math cut and paste. Its usually tally marks or ten frames.


After cut and paste, we go onto our Kumon handwriting and right now it also has a drawing workbook in there.  After those 2 workbooks, we take a break.

Typically I have a few more math sheets or games to do and then we do our Saxon math lesson.

Saxon has no worksheets and is all about getting manipulatives out and working with different things developing number sense and introducing mathematical concepts.

Then we’re done with math! Its usually lunch time by now. Lunch is from 12-1 everyday. Once the kids are done eating, I let them have free play inside or outside depending on weather until 1.

When we get back into the room, we move onto our boxes that contain our reading work.  I usually have a worksheet for one of our new sight words and an activity reviewing one or many of our older ones. We also do spelling sheets, syllable counting and rhyming work.  After we’re done with some or all of those, we do our Saxon phonics.


Saxon phonics is very repetitive.  I quiz them on their letters and letter sounds that I’ve introduced everyday.  I get these letter tiles out and we work on spelling words.  I write words out and we talk about coding vowels and sounding out/blending.  We discuss compound words, counting syllables or segmenting blends.  Then we go down to the floor to read our apple words.


Once a week Saxon lists some new words for me to add to our wall.  The kids read the entire wall everyday. When they read the word the first time, they get to put their sticker on it.


After we read our apple words, we scoot over and read or work with our chart sentences for the week.  Then we head back to our seats for our reading time. Each child gets to pick a reader we’ve done in the past and they take turns reading pages.  Then we read our new book for the week.  After that I quiz them on their sight word flashcards. They get 1 marshmallow for every 5 words they can read.  Finally we do our writing portion.  We are moving away from completely shared writing to both of them doing their own thing.

We typically get done with school at 2 or 3.  Of course on Tuesdays and Thursdays we have to leave to go to therapy at 9:50 and then we don’t get back until 12.  Mondays we go to music at 3.  Add in some field trips, play dates and park time and it can turn to chaos.  But overall, the children are thriving and learning so something is definitely working! No matter how tired or burnt out I feel on some days, they are always eager to go down and learn.  Its amazing watching them soak it all up.  Rett is already able to look at the clock and tell me that its almost lunch time.  We have some down days but it truly is amazing to watch your children learn.

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