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Kindergarten Week 15

March 14, 2015


This week the weather was sort of all over the place and Tom went into work on Monday so instead of teaching at home, we headed to the park with my friend Nicole and her boys for some fun at the new park in town.


Look how big this guy is getting! He has 3 teeth now.



The train track runs right by the park. The kids were excited for a train sighting while we played.

I’ve really been thinking this week about why we homeschool and what it allows us to do. I think I’m going to go for a 3 full days of schooling and 2 half days to let us have more flexibility for trips, play dates and fun without the guilt of missing out on school.  On the half days I will still do our reading and math lessons and reader but call it a day after that.


We talked about color blending this week.  I ordered a few books. This one was Mouse Paint.  I found a worksheet and the children colored the mice and then stirred the paint together.  The fingerpaint worked really well since it was a little thinner and easier to work with.


After that I was going to just let them free paint but they wanted to get the sheet back out and practice mixing colors some more. I swear they thought it was magic. Their faces were so cute.


The kids are really enjoying their kumon drawing book although they seem to have about as much artistic ability as I do. Poor kids.


I printed off some extra 8 and 5 number practice this week since this continues to be a problem area.


I had to order geoboards for our Saxon lessons so had to go back to pick these lessons up.  Introduced geoboards and made a few shapes this week.


This week I introduced the sight words ‘in’ ‘on’ and ‘out’.  Here Rett is working on his super sight word page.


Since we have so many sight words now I’m trying to practice some old ones that are more recent each day.  This is a write it, stamp it, color it sheet.


Our apple word list is getting long! I added a few more this week and the kids quickly picked them up.  We are moving from 3 letter words to 4 letters.


The beauty of homeschool. One barefoot and one bouncing.  Sensory kiddos at their happiest.


Working on St Patty’s day coloring sheets.


Evie with a geoboard shape.


We did some cut and paste cvc work.  Evie is a much better sight word reader but Rett blows her out of the water with blending and segmenting words.


Saxon introduced dimes this week.  I thought it was odd they never had us practice counting by 10’s before hand. So now we are working on counting by 10’s.  This was a cute st.patty’s cut and paste putting them all together.  Evie keeps saying thir-teen, four-teen and so on instead of thirty, forty. So we definitely are adding this into our morning counting routine.


Here’s Rett’s all finished!


Saxon phonics introduced twin consonants and how one is silent. We have a series of words we sound out each day talking about how to code the vowels and now we are coding the twin consonants.


This week our sentences were about community helpers and what they do.  I wanted to focus on the word ‘about’ as well as our three new words.  I ordered these community helper cards off Amazon.

And that was our week! I took Friday off to catch up on a long list of to-do’s and the kids

If you saw any projects or worksheets you liked, here’s my pinterest board for them this week.

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