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Kindergarten Week 16

March 21, 2015


We had a fun week celebrating St. Patty’s and everything rainbow and lucky


Our easy telling time book has us working on time to the hour.  The kids traced the times the clock showed, then wrote the times in order, then they mixed them up and then Friday they had to draw the missing long and short hands for the clocks.

kindergarten2We are getting so close to finishing up our kindergarten math book.  I ordered a star wars one for us to do next.  That should be fun.  We’ve been working a lot on sorting. This page wanted the kids to count the apple trees that had 3 apples, 4 or 5 apples.


Since Saxon has us using dimes, we’ve been hitting the counting by 10’s really hard.


On this page, they rolled the dice and decided which was the big number and which was the small. I remember not so long ago that this was SO hard for them.  Now it seems to easy.


We were still working with our geoboards this week.  These are the ones I ordered.  This week Saxon had me introduce using more than one geo band in order to form a shape.


We stamped some CVC words.


For St. Patty’s, we had to do the traditional Lucky Charms graph.  Although they had some new marshmallow shape (A hat) which wasn’t included on the graph so we had to wing it a bit. We talked about using cups and 1/4 cups to measure to make things equal.


I gave this worksheet to the kids and helped them with the first one.  They read the little bit under the pictures and it told them how to color it. Then I ran upstairs to get the baby and change his diaper.  Evie was so excited that she could read it all by herself, she shouted up at me that I didn’t need to come down because they didn’t need any help.  I heard that pride in her voice as she realized that she can read.  And reading rocks!


Sorting out our skittles.  This sheet was really fun because at the bottom it had them add greens and reds and some other colors. It made me realize I gave them WAY too many skittles!


We all sat around and did some st.patty’s day artwork.


We also started a new Biscuit book, Biscuit loves the library. I didn’t feel that we really read it very much so we might do it another week.


All the kids wearing their green.


We completed a few graphs this week.  Normally I just ask them what we had the most/least and if any are the same.  This time I asked them how many rainbows AND pots they had and I guess from the skittles sheet, they could answer me without missing a beat.  Such smarties!


Rett read EVERY sight word for the first time ever! He was so proud.


We will finish up our rhyming words book this week.  I think the next in the series is rhyming words and phrases.  Every time we get near completing the book, they get so excited to see if its going to be that day.

kindergarten18This is one of our dime activities with Saxon. The kids wrote 10 cents, 20 cents, 30 cents, 40 cents and 50 cents on their papers, then had to figure out how many dimes would be required for that amount.  Figuring out to say 10 for 1 coin is proving to be a bit tricky.


We added two sets of apple words this week.  I think we are completely done with 3 letter words and are now moving on to 4 letter blends.   In my opinion, Saxon hasn’t really explained blends very well before expecting the kids to be able to read them. Evie is still really struggling on sounding out but can memorize so quickly she doesn’t really have a chance to practice.


Making time for writing has not been a strong suit for me this week. I do want the kids to have creative writing time but I also want them to get used to answering prompts in written format.  This day I asked them to write about what their favorite thing to do at the park was.


Rett was doing such a great job coloring this day. He’s been really focused and more ‘with us’ lately.  This also means that he’s staying up till very late and getting up extremely early. Something about this more aware stage coincides with not needing as much sleep.


A little shamrock addition.


We REALLY struggled with tally marks today.  I felt like we had done this so much and they really had it.  A friend on facebook messaged me suggesting I add it to calendar time for the date so they get daily practice and I think that’s a great idea. I need to laminate a white piece of paper this weekend.

And that was our week! I introduced the sight words ‘what’ ‘by’ and ‘make’,  We have continued reading Peter Pan and the kids are doing really well with it vs the other books we’ve tried.

Here’s the link to my pinterest board with all the links for this week’s work. I can’t believe we’re about to launch right into Easter themed stuff!

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