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Kindergarten Week 17

March 27, 2015


We’re switching gears to Easter this week! The kids are very excited about all things bunnies, chicks and egg hunting.


The kids have had their play doh and writing practice kits in their free time box for awhile now. Lazy mama.  Randomly they are exploring stamping objects into the play doh. They’ve experimented with their shoe designs and how they are different from shoe to shoe.  This day Rett decided to stamp the heads and tails into it.  He called it ‘heads and walls’. Which actually makes more sense.


Evie formed hers into an easter egg before she started. She used crayons and a little bouncy squish ball and her shoe to add different textures.


Working on patterns in our math workbook.


We did a few spring vs non spring classifying cut and paste sheets. I was surprised that the kids seemed to actually need to work on this.   I asked them ‘do we do this when its warm?’.  At one point, Rett picked up the pumpkin and I asked him if we celebrate Halloween when its warm.  He said ‘No but if you put a candle in the pumpkin, it is warm.’  Its those little glimpses into how his mind works that is so interesting.


I’m not all that impressed with the Kumon drawing book.  I feel like it really skips steps to teach them to draw the object.  I can see where my kids are going with their drawing but they aren’t seeing how the picture is all connected. Sometimes the perspective is REALLY weird, like the hot dog is slightly angled from the side view.   Or maybe they just got my inability to draw gene.


I’ve been reflecting on our curriculum choices for this year and reading reviews of a lot of curriculum as I prepare for next year.  I’ve read a lot about how Saxon math is a year behind. Maybe it is but I have REALLY enjoyed the math curriculum this year.  I have never taught Saxon kinder and I love that its 0 worksheets and its all hands on making sense of numbers, graphs, patterns and money.  Maybe my kids were just lacking some basic skills since they never did preschool but it has been FUN and we have all looked forward to our daily math lesson.  This one teaches the kids to follow a recipe, talks about using a one cup measuring to mix it to make green water.  I did supplement a lot this year with other things but I love the simple, fun activities of Saxon and don’t regret doing it this year.


I put the green water into the water table and let them explore and play for awhile.

kindergarten8This worksheet is a hidden words one. You write the words in white letters and let the kids color over them in marker to reveal the secret word. They loved playing secret agent and discovering our new sight words for the week!


I introduced 5 words this week since I felt like they already knew some and they were relatively easy. Our sight words were good, eat, at, an and get


We started learning about plants this week.  We made an anchor chart with the different parts of the plant and what plants need to live.  Then they did this cut and paste to label the plant.


Spring seems like the perfect time to get some new crayons. I bought quite a few new art supplies this week to use. I purchased a new art book that I’m excited to start working through written by an elementary art teacher.


Saxon had us working to cover up shapes using different pattern blocks.


Labeling what plants need to grow.


We explored some different kinds of seeds and discussed how they looked different. Then we glued them onto our paper for what type they were: flower, grass or vegetable.


I purchased this mini greenhouse at Target to plant our babies in.  The kids are pretty excited to see their sprouts. I’m sure they’ll pop up any day now. 😉


We also planted our green bean seeds in baggies. Rett thought it was magic and they would just sprout out immediately. What a disappointment! And when the next morning they STILL hadn’t grown.. whew. I didn’t know if we were going to survive that let down.


We finally started doing addition in our addition book. We are working on plus one which I always call our birthday addition problem.  You were four, then you had your birthday and now you’re 5.  We’ve went up to 30 so far. I haven’t peeked ahead to see what’s next but I really love this approach of introducing one type of addition problem at a time.


Our messy messes cut and paste. Labeling a bunny.


Rett has been spending a lot of times out back finding various little friends. He has a caterpillar named Tarzan currently in a Mason jar in his room. He also found this guy, a snail without a shell as he put it.


We finished up our first math book so I ordered this star wars brain quest one.  It started out with practicing number writing again which was fine with me since a few of our numbers could use help.


I plan on continuing the super sight word sheets next year also.  I love the various activities on one page and how they have to build the word at the bottom as the final step. They really seem to help introduce the words and help them memorize them.


We talked about the job of the plant parts and put celery in water to show how it carries the water up to the leaves.  After I did this, everyone gave me advice on my instagram feed on how to make sure its actually going to work so I’m not sure I have much hope for this first trial run.   Might have to sneak in some new celery this weekend.


Saxon had me introduce quart and half gallon containers. We discussed empty, full and half empty.  We transferred the water from the half gallon container into two quarts.  Then it went out into the water table and we had some play time out there.


Some basic addition. I had them find the +1’s first and reminded them that it was their birthday addition problem. We’re getting there…


Continuing to work on dimes. Rett actually correctly identified them this week!  We set up our pretend grocery store and bought things up to 1.00 this week!


Thaddeus loves when someone chooses the foot book because we have 3 copies of it! He impresses me with his ability to keep up and turn the pages at the right time. He has memorized most of it and loves to show off how he can track his words like the big kids.  If he wasn’t going into preschool next year, I bet he would be reading during our first grade year. He so wants to be like the bigs.


I found one of these hidden puzzle worksheets that they filled out.  It was pretty hard for them to look down and see what they needed to color next and keep on task.  I might need to find more of these.


We also discussed letters today when sending some Easter cards to friends.  I talked about address placement on the envelope and how the mailman knows where to bring the letters.


We had a light day today because I hosted a little mini Easter egg hunt indoors since it was chilly and we enjoyed a little tea party with gingerbread cookies.  So holiday appropriate! ha! Don’t mind my wall, trying to decide on what paint colors to use.

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