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Kindergarten week 18&19

April 26, 2015


Between the kids being sick, me being sick and crazy amounts of appointments, its been awhile since we had a traditional week of school.  So I’m just sitting down and making msyelf blog what we’ve done since I blogged last even though the weeks sort of mesh together.   I have moved away from coloring by number or word and gone on to harder work. This sheet they have to read the word and decide what word family it goes with, write the word and then color the space.  Its taking them a long time now but I know before long they’ll be whizzing through it also.


We are still working through our kumon drawing book. I’m not sure how this is really helping their drawing but its fun on the days that they are actually able to draw the object.  Those days seem to be few and far between but here’s a pretty good boot drawn by Rett.


Evie unscrambling some words. Sounding out and hearing all the different sounds within words has really clicked with her lately.  She’s doing a great job.


We had a little mini lesson on exclamation points and the kids came up with some things they were excited about. Evie chose school and Rett chose his OT.


We graphed different easter eggs and discussed the graph.  The kids are really catching onto comparing and adding the different rows together.


Another day of our new morning work.


Doing some addition dominoes.


We are working through our star wars book still. Its really way too easy for them but it gives them some extra practice with number writing. And they just really like to see their favorite characters.


Saxon had the kids working with the geoboards and copying my designs. They had to figure out how many rubber bands they were going to need and then create it on their own geoboards.  Some of them were a little tricky.


Another good day of drawing for Rett. Some happy watermelons.


Since school has been so hit or miss, we’ve had the same words for awhile now.  We’ve been working on from, your and give.  The sentences this week involved community helpers.  I probably could have gone on this last week but I wanted them to really have the words. They are getting so many other words from their little readers I’m not that worried about their sight words.


This activity had them roll the dice, choose a word from that column to read to me and then trace it.


Saxon had the kids doing ABC patterns and trying to figure out how many shapes they would need for that type of pattern and then building a fence. We described the pattern with our ABC and then as colors and shapes.


Trying to make more time for art.  A little watercolor fun.

kindergarten16Kumon is seriously drilling those +1’s into the kids heads. If your kid doesn’t like to do 50000000 math problems,I’m not sure how you’d get through this book.  They can really spit them out fast now but are still having trouble looking at an addition page with mixed up addition and finding the +1’s and knowing the answers.  I generally love kumon though so trusting that its going to lead them to that last step of understanding.


Evie doing cut and paste counting backwards from 20.


I am absolutely loving these comprehension sheets.  The kids read a few sentences, then draw in the box what they read. Then at the bottom it has a few questions about the entire story.  They are going to be putting out a packet of just these in a few weeks and I’m hoping that next year we can do something like this for morning work every morning.


Evie working through her addition problems.


Saxon had us acting out story problems with our pattern blocks and bears.  Their work mats were movie theaters and the pattern blocks were shapes.  We took turns letting bears go get popcorn or use the bathroom and counting how many were left.  Then they each got to make up their own stories.Evie chose for the bears to go to the circus and Rett chose for them to go to the ice cream parlor.  I love how hands on and visual Saxon is.


Spelling some of our words in saxon phonics.


I randomly chose this book to read to the kids one morning and it was actually really cute. The parents leave expecting the baby sitter to show up and that doesn’t happen. The mother had mentioned that morning that she wanted the house painted so the kids decide to be helpful.


We had a little art lesson on house drawing and then the kids painted their houses.


Saxon introduced card suites and we put the cards in order from Ace to 10.  Then they learned how to play War to compare numbers.


We’ve added a lot of apple words to our wall. I need to figure out where I’m going to keep adding them. Lachlan keeps ripping them off if I’m not watching him super close.


Saxon has us doing estimation every day now. I write down what they estimated and then we count it up and talk about if our guesses were too high or too low.  Sometimes if they were way off, I will put that much into the jar so they can see what their guess would have looked like.


We also have been working with tangram pieces.  This was the introduction.

I’m sure you noticed that we are doing a LOT of Saxon right now. I have shuffled our day around because a lot of the time we would just not get to our Saxon lessons because things would come up or we’d run out of time.  So now I’m doing 2 lessons a day right off the bat. I try to do a cut and paste or art in between but I know we need to get through the manuals so we are getting through them.  I’m hoping to be done with Saxon at the end of May and using the summer to do some different things to prep for first.  The kids also have 3 weeks of social skills camp in June. I’m going to toss all their readers in the car and have them read aloud on the way but other then that, there won’t be much school work since they are going to be gone from 9-4 everyday.

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