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Camp You B You 2015

April 29, 2015


We just got back from another awesome family camp experience at Camp Twin Lakes for Camp You B You hosted by the Marcus Autism Center.  Again.. another amazing weekend of fun.  All meals, snacks and activities are provided.  There weren’t as many people this year I think because of spring break and the weather.  Friday night was a little rainy when we showed up but Saturday and Sunday were dry.


We have officially reached 2 cabin numbers.  Each large unit is divided into 3 separate cabins with wall dividers.  Rett’s friend Sammy and his family came so we had requested being together. So with us having 2 and them having 1, we had a great sleeping arrangement.  Sammy’s baby brother ended up getting sick and they had to go back early so we actually ended up having the entire unit to ourselves.


We headed to rock climbing straight off again.  Rett made it to the half way point.


Evie was willing to attempt. She got half way to the half way point.


Daddy showed off by climbing to the top and ringing the bell.



The kids enjoyed the horseback riding SO much, I really feel bad we didn’t sign up last year.  All 3 were very brave to get on the big horses.  They are therapy horses so very intune with the children.  Evie still talks about how her horse’s name was ‘Pretty’.   All the people working with the horses and children were fantastic. This was one activity you had to sign up for a time and only have one turn. The kids were disappointed the next day when we couldn’t go back.


Archery was another favorite this year.  I could tell how much stronger Rett was when he was pulling the string back this year compared to last year.  Children with compound bows, have to love it.


We took a little snack break between archery and fishing.


The kids were dedicated to wanting to catch something.. but nothing was biting. We tried our hand at fishing for a long time though!  The kids had more patience than I had.


We had a little bit of playground time while we waited for the field day activities to be set up.


My kids weren’t overly impressed with the games. We ended up going back to the cabin for some down time before dropping them off for kids activities while the parents had a chance to talk in small group.


I can’t believe last year when we came for the first time, I was pregnant with this little guy!



Day number two, the kids couldn’t wait to get back to archery!


The day was much more overcast and chilly on Sunday but the kids were too excited to care. On our way to fishing round 2!


Fishing was much more successful this day! Rett caught the first one, Sammy caught one and I caught one but it got off the hook before I could pull it up. I swear there’s a fish under his hand.


Day 2, Rett rang the bell at the top for the first time. He was totally determined when he got on that wall to make it all the way to the top.  I can’t express how proud I was of him.  He has come so far from being scared of so many things to finding his bravery and pushing through the anxiety.  I don’t have a photo of the moment because I was too busy taking video.


Thaddeus braved the rock wall the second day too.  I’m sure he’ll climb even higher next year.

After that, we had even MORE archery and then it was time to pack up and head home.  We had an amazing time, again.  I so appreciate this event that they host and wish all families had access to a weekend where your child is accepted, they can have a great time doing simple, fun activities and the parents feel like they are among their people.  Its just such a rewarding experience.


Until October, Camp Will-A-Way, we’ll be missing you!

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