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Kindergarten week 20

May 3, 2015


Well the sickies have hit our family AGAIN this week. 2 days for Evie, one day for me and daddy has been hit the hardest. He’s been sick for quite awhile now.  Our luck with the stomach bug has not been good. My goal of just getting through Saxon lessons continues to be a good one. I even made them do their lessons when Evie was sick. She was up playing video games so figured she was well enough for school.

Saxon introduced the concept of ‘half’.  The children had different sizes of rectangles and they had to figure out which color would cover half.  How many halves it took to cover the whole.  I love this visual approach. Just makes so much more sense.


Still working on our tangrams. The kids had to follow verbal directions ‘ use your small triangles, medium triangles, square’. They are identifying the parallelogram now. They know their tangram set has 7 pieces.  They are learning how to flip, turn and rotate their pieces to cover shapes.


I love how studious Evie looks.  This sheet had them write the number before and after the one in the rainbow.  They are both still struggling with the vocab ‘before’ and ‘after’ and using it appropriately even though they can easily do the worksheet.


Evie drew this picture on the back of her worksheet while she waited for Rett to get done. Its Rapunzel with flowers in her hair.


Saxon introduced nickels this week. We’ve learned how to count by 5’s to 100.  We figured out how many nickels it took to make 5,10, 15, 20 and 25 cents.  We wrote down those numbers and drew the amount of nickels next to them.  We also practiced buying items at our ‘store’.  This was over the course of the week with several mini lessons building up.


We worked on covering up more complex shapes with our tangram blocks.  Tom had to come down and help me figure out one of the sheets. Apparently I need some kindergarten math work as well.


I went to clean up our celery experiment and it had sprouted!  I might plant it outside and see if it’ll grow. We aren’t huge celery eaters but I think the kids would get a kick out of it.


We had our homeschool friends over for water play on Friday.  It was only 71 but when you’re 5, that’s warm enough!  We have been so blessed with wonderful homeschool friends.  Whenever someone asks me why we homeschool, sometimes I find it hard to put into words how amazing this experience has been.

I didn’t take any photos of our Saxon phonics this week! Its so hands on I have a hard time finding a second to take a photo.  The kids are working on counting words within sentences, counting syllabels and counting sounds. Its really hammering this in so they get the concept of the difference between sentences/sounds/syllabels.  It does this by having them count different ways. They clap syllables, they put their fingers up for words in a sentence.  Little lightbulbs.   We listened for vowel sounds within words and added a TON of apple words to our wall this week.  Its really upping the words there.  I dread that part of the day because it seems to take SO LONG to read through the list but they are reading those words in other places so I know its helping. I just don’t know how often a child will read the word ‘mist’.  It does however bring up some good vocabulary for us to go over!

For reading, we worked on the words ‘boy’ ‘girl’ he’ and ‘she’ this week.  I made a little chart with a picture of a girl and a boy and we put the correct words under them. Our sentences this week were with our community helpers. ‘Who is this girl? She is a dentist.’   We also read a new Biscuit book. The kids didn’t even need me to pre-read it to them.  We are graduating from Biscuit books soon 😦

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