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Kindergarten Week 21

May 10, 2015


Week 21! Whew!  Can’t believe we are all still alive. This week our words were yes, his, her, with and come.  I started having them doing their super sight words sheets for morning work since we have been doing just the necessities with all the appointments and outdoor play time.


This is our chart we have going on right now for Rett.  We discuss the boy words and girl words every morning. I’m hoping this helps Rett with his pronoun issues.


I never bought the workbooks for Saxon phonics so I generally just write the words out and we sound them out together. Some days I like them to use their letter tiles and spell them out themselves.  We are working on identifying the beginning/middle and ending sound along with identifying the vowel in each word. Rett is having trouble with e vs i right now so lots of practice with that coming his way.

Our sweet friend gifted Rett a weighted vest that we are going to start using during school time. I spoke with our OT about it and I do need to add a bit more weight but it seems to be a good size for him. We’ll see if this helps him at all.


One of our last Biscuit books.  Biscuit has been the basis of our homeschool reading program this year and that little puppy has served us well.  I already pulled out a new book for next week and trying something a bit harder.  This week when I gave them the Biscuit book they could read the whole thing without any help from me.  Time to raise the bar for my little readers.


We are up to 80+ sight words now.  Evie was so proud that she read ALL of them this week!  Woohoo!  This is such a time consuming thing, I am planning on breaking them up into 5 groups for Tom to work on a little bit each night and start giving them one minute to read the words to see how many they can read.  Otherwise, its just overwhelming at this point.


We started our study of the human body this week using this book.  The kids were really excited! We’ve learned about bones, muscles and joints so far.


Saxon had us working on alphabetizing with just a few letters.  We did the beginning of the alphabet and then it had a hunk of the middle to get the concept that sometimes you don’t start at A


Reading our sentences for the week.  I received our first grade curriculum for next year and it doesn’t really have any sight words so I plan on making up my own sight word and these type sentences for next year also.


Continuing to work on letters vs sounds vs syllabels.  Hard concept.


Saxon math had us working with all 3 types of coins we’ve been introduced to so far: pennies, nickels and dimes. We sorted them by type, talked about how much they were worth and how we counted them and then we worked on buying things from our grocery store in different ways.


We also learned how to play dominoes this week. I thought of my Grandma Mary when I was teaching them. I’ve always seen her out playing dominoes with my family every labor day when we get together.  We learned about doubles and identifying the number patters on dominoes and how to play the game.


I love these roll and reads because it really helps me see which words the kids need to work on. i try to use them in our weekly sentences in the pocket chart.  Little ways I can custom tailor their education to what they need to work on.


After two small activities, Saxon had us alphabetize our entire tub or letter tiles. I was thinking this was a pretty big jump but apparently Saxon knew that these smarties wouldn’t find this difficult at all. They breezed right through it.


Still working through our Star Wars book when we have time.  We’re practicing our teen numbers.  Evie’s 5’s look ahmAZing now! So proud of her.  They love that the other side of the work book has a little mission for them and they are always begging me to read who they are going to help for the activity.  My wanna-be Jedis.


We had some park time with our sweet friend Sammy and his family.


Evie and I took a nature walk while the boys were in therapy and found a spit bug nest.  I had to post it on my gardening group to find out what in the world it was! Learning is everywhere.

We read some good books this week and the kids watched some magic school bus and played outside for many, many hours.   Now that the weather nice, most of the good learning is spent outside in bathing suits and rain boots exploring the yard and bringing me the treasures they find.

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