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Kindergarten Week 22

May 17, 2015


Mom bought the kids a teeter totter. One of the things pretty much all of them need to work on is getting used to be spun and not getting dizzy too fast.  It has to do with vestibular processing. You can read more about vestibular processing here:  And you can check out our amazing teeter totter on Amazon here.  I sort of wish we had sprung for the larger one as I can’t get on this one. And I’m 5’1 so not exactly tall. But it is $100 more expensive so I’m not sure I could justify it being THAT much more awesome.  The important thing is it spins.


Thaddeus did something for about five seconds that resembled school.  Then he said he was all done with it and demanded some sort of Disney game that we don’t even own.  Three year olds are fun.


Saxon has these word lists pretty frequently but I generally skip them thinking they would be easy and a waste of time. I went ahead and did one just to make sure and yah.. way easy. Back to skipping them.


We are getting really close to finishing up our Saxon math lessons so I am only doing one every other day or so.  This was their ‘test’ for copying geoboard patterns.  They are expert geoboarders now.


Up until about a month ago, Evie was having a really hard time with sounding out and rhyming.  Suddenly sounding out clicked and she can now at least identify rhymes. She still can’t come up with one on her own but baby steps.  Its frustrating when your child can do something you see as difficult but not something you see as simple but the brain processes things differently I suppose.


We are still working through our Kumon My First Book of Drawing These are Rett’s foxes.  We then had to listen to ‘What Does the Fox Say?’ We missed out when it was at its peak but its now all stuck in our head. We like to make up other versions of the song like What does the Evie Say? etc.


Instead of Biscuit, we moved onto a harder book this week. I found two copies at Goodwill on a random trip.  Its actually pretty much on target for where they are right now. Not too easy and not too hard. You can check it out on Amazon here.


We are still working through our First Human Body book.  This week we learned about blood and the heart. You can check the book out here.  We watched some youtube videos on blood.  The kids really like this workbook.


We are doing our super sight word sheets as morning work each day. Our sight words this week were please, them, day, after and before.


Here’s Rett reading the sentences for the week with our sight words in them.


Saxon is really getting into the kids taking ‘spelling tests’ a LOT now.  It is still super easy for them so they don’t mind. We are trying to work on not calling out the answer and writing it down on our own paper.  Which doesn’t work, by the way.  Rett is having a hard time remembering e vs i and also d vs g.


I started adding words to the top of our apple words so the kids haven’t ran out of steam by the time they get to the new ones. I think I’m going to do this next year too if we even have apple words.  Its amazing how quickly they learn the words and just fly through their reading everyday.


The benefit of having just two children is they can each practice counting everyday. We are practicing counting by 10’s, backward from 20 and by 5’s.


Evie’s cupcakes she drew one day.  At first I thought they were going to look crazy with how tall and skinny she drew them but they turned out super cute. She called them her Pinkalicious cupcakes.


More circulatory system learning.


Our read alouds for the week. The kids always look forward to hearing their morning stories. We usually work on retelling or reading comprehension questions and vocabulary.   We’re also working on learning the names for the parts of the book.

The kids are doing really well with their sight words.  They are up to 94, Rett can read 90 and Evie can read them all.  We’ve been working through our addition book and our telling time book which we’re working on time to the half hour.

This week we had our friends over for water play for 4.5 hours and then we went to the pool on Friday with our friends again!

We’re going to be leaving for the beach on Wednesday!

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