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Kindergarten Week 23

May 30, 2015


We have been homeschooling on even while preparing for and leaving for the beach!  The great thing about homeschooling is you can just take it with you! For the most part.  Here’s Evie reading some Biscuit books.


And working on our super sight words.  I decided since we had added so many last week we would just do another week to really work on them.

kindergarten2I let the kids pack their own backpacks with toys and books for the beach.  They can only bring what fits in their bag. Its good practice for learning about that whole, if you leave it at home you just don’t have it.  Also having to carry around too much stuff is never fun. The boys wanted to wear their backpacks during school time. Only 24 hours to go until beach time!

kindergarten3We are still working on plus 2 in our kumon addition book.  We haven’t finished the book so it may be early to give a review but I feel like the kids are highly dependent on the number line. They also are having a hard time realizing the difference between plus one and plus two. Hopefully as we work through the book things will click.  Regardless I know this is something to be introduced through our math curriculum next year so not hugely concerned.


We are almost finished with our time book through Kumon.  It introduced how time to the hour looks on a digital clock. So the kids can now do o’clocks, half past and :00 time.  Its been a fantastic introductory book.

kindergarten5We were having a rough day. Must have been beach jitters.  So when a friend invited us to the park, I decided to drop the rest of school and just go enjoy the afternoon with friends.  It was a good decision.  We visited the ducks again and found a really cool bug.


Still haven’t identified this one yet.


Of course as soon as we got to the beach, Evie started reading a book.  Her first beach trip where she can read!


Learning to draw ladles.

kindergarten9We learned a lot about the lungs in our body book.

In Saxon we continued to work on w and also introduced combination qu.  I peaked ahead and we are about to start long vowels.  Feels like we are really getting into big kid stuff now.

We did a lot of writing at the beach and the kids did really great with it.  Evie has started to want to sound out ALL words to write even the sight words she previously knew how to write so that is a tad frustrating.  But we pushed through.  Rett is having a difficult time being motivated to write anything more than what I force him to.  With our new program next year, I’m excited to see how their writing develops.

We are gearing up for a week at vacation bible school next week so will be homeschooling a little bit in the afternoons. Trying to work in as much as I can before the big 3 weeks of Y camp that lasts all day.  Whew! We still have a lot of Saxon phonics to cover before next year!

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