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First Grade Week 1!

August 8, 2015

Here’s our room for this year! After our final week of kinder I snuck down and got it all cleaned up and transitioned for our first grade year.

first1 first2

I can’t believe we survived kindergarten and its time to start first grade! This is their first day of school photos. You might notice Evie’s hair looks a bit different. She found a pair of scissors when I was attending a strategies for struggling readers workshop and gave herself a new look. I fixed it as much as I could.


 This is one of our new routines this year. They are calendar folders. The kids have lots of little tasks to practice different skills everyday.  Tally marks, working on writing the days of the week, number words, checking the temperature, etc.  They wipe off so we just reuse the same page everyday.

Another new task everyday is their journal.  I give them a prompt and these awesome daily journal pages I purchased from Moffatt girls on Teachers Pay Teachers have some words at the bottom they might want to use. It also has a checklist on the side that we go over everyday for the things they are working on. Starting with a capital, using finger spaces, stretching out sounds and ending with a period along with drawing their picture.

This is Evie’s first entry. The prompt was ‘What is something you could do on a safari?’ My kids didn’t really know what a safari was. Evie wrote:  I was riding in the car and I fed a lion. I hopped on that tiny lion.

Let’s hope she knows to not do that on a real safari.

This is part of our Saxon phonics curriculum. When I purchased it from someone used it had all the pages so yay. The entire thing cost me $15. What a steal. We worked on writing O’s, N’s and T’s this week.  I am using the handwriting without tears ‘Make a C and complete it’ trick for O’s. And those finger spaces!

Another part of our schedule this year is the children read a book to me daily that they chose. They pick one and reread it once a day for the week. Then they put it in their book basket for quiet reading time. Evie chose ‘Ten Ugly Monsters’

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Working hard during school time #lachlan

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The baby finds all sorts of ways to amuse himself.

We talked about following a recipe and made purple cow milkshakes to go along with our book ‘Harold and the Purple Crayon’

I purchased a daily writing curriculum that has the mini lessons, language and examples to help kids become independent creative writers.  I am really loving it so far.  I was so impressed with how easily the children transitioned to writing something on their own and not copying my example! It really makes writing approachable for the littles and they are excited to write and share.  We are working on labeling our drawings so people can understand what’s going on. This is Rett the scuba diver feeding the shark some fish underwear. ‘The shark was eating fish.’ Rett loves all things ocean and I’m pretty sure they watched a magic schoolbus episode that inspired this drawing.

This week our story was ‘Harold and the Purple Crayon’.  We had a few vocab words that I wrote on index cards and illustrated for them.  The kids really enjoyed the story even though the reading level is a bit difficult.

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The three year old 'reads' #homeschool

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Thaddeus has always been very interested in the chart words often going over and pretend reading. He now can point word to word and although he isn’t perfect with his memorization, he is certainly close!

We also learned about the moon and made phases with Oreo cookies. We made a KWL chart with all the things we learned this week. Did you know that only one side of the moon is ever shown to Earth because its always rotating such that we only see that side. We had never viewed the other side until space photography was possible.

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